On Sunsets

I’ve been in Moria for too long.  Far too long.  I forgot that the light shifted from night to day.  When I ported back to Bree it was raining, and I wanted to run inside the nearest hole until the foreign precipitation stopped.

Moria is beautiful and expertly crafted, but I subconsciously missed the real world landscapes and skies.  Scientists should be doing psychological studies on the affect of environments on player depression and guild drama rather than doing heuristics on terabytes of numbers.

I think Lorien is going to breath fresh air into everyone’s psyches… those of us that aren’t coal miners.

no coolness in me at all

3 thoughts on “On Sunsets”

  1. Hmm… maybe that’s why I like The Waterworks so much. The ambient blue glow makes it ceiling feel like sky, and the damp environment feels a bit like rain.

    Yeah, it’s a stretch, but I’ve spent so long ‘inside’ that I might be a little institutionalised. At least I don’t have a pet bird I carry around in my pocket, but that’s because I’m not a Loremaster :p

  2. I’ve had some of the same thoughts. After having spent so much time questing from the west entrance to the east entrance of Moria, coming out into the sunlight of the Dimrill Dale was especially breathtaking.

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