Giveaway: EQ or EQ2 In-Game Items – CLOSED

I have two codes from my recent issue of Beckett Massive Online Gamer magazine that may be used in Everquest for an “Aqua Goblin Familiar” or in EverQuest II for a “Nagafen at Rest”. It looks like the codes are good for either item.

I don’t play EverQuest or EverQuest II so these codes are burning a hole in my virtual pocket. If you are interested in getting one of these codes, reply to this post with something about your EQ or EQ2 adventures. The most interesting (or funny … or ANY) two responses, chosen by me, will be awarded a code. I will give the codes away tomorrow so get cracking. If nobody enters, I will burn the codes slowly and painfully until they have left this mortal realm forever. The choice is yours.

– Ethic

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7 thoughts on “Giveaway: EQ or EQ2 In-Game Items – CLOSED”

  1. Funny tragic:

    During the first year of EQ I was on a Vox raid with a guild I was fairly friendly with. Everything went well, they were rolling on Runed Bolster Belts that dropped (Bards like myself didn’t get to roll because we didn’t need haste); I decided to join in the rolling for fun and dropped a 992 out of 1000. And then I cried.

    Funny stupid:
    I used to pull for my small guild in EQ out of boredom. I did a good enough job, but as a Bard pre-PoP I didn’t have feign death. So, during a particularly brutal night in Temple of Veeshan, I managed to generate 12+ corpses with summoned food on them, arrange them in a lovely Pac-Man shape, and drag a few leftovers so it looked like Corpse Pac-Man was eating corpsedots throughout the first hallway.

    Funny deathtouch:

    I hate Plane of Sky.

  2. I have two main characters in EQ2. One is an evil shadowknight, and the other is a good ranger. The shadowknight has an awesome 5 room house in Freeport (the evil town). Since the 5 rooms are so expensive, I decided to make my ranger a trustee so he could “live” in the house too.

    The problem was, the guards in Freeport killed my ranger on sight. So every time I wanted to go to the nice big mansion in Freeport, I had to sneak my way in. One false move and the whole process started over.

    I was very happy when I joined a guild whose guild hall is just up the hill from my mansion in Freeport. The journey from hall to home is much less perilous. Of course, I had to sneak into Freeport one last time to get to the hall.

    It’s funny to think that my little ranger fights incredibly difficult enemies all over Norrath, including the ones that threaten Lucan D’Lere, but can’t survive a leisurely stroll down the streets of Freeport.

  3. OK, I’m calling it now. I’ll be sending each of you a code (with directions) to the email address you posted with.

  4. While there was no competition (heh) I hope you got a little chuckle from my experience.

    Now I’ll admit to something embarrassing: when I first joined my guild, I had to sneak into Freeport to get to the hall (as I mentioned). I found out later that I could have just used a magic door in Qeynos and saved myself the ridiculously long travel time and several deaths.

  5. I fell from the sky.

    In Everquest2 I have a brig with high safe fall, and I was duoing with a necro. He was in that ravine in the Highton in RoK, and I was joining him there. I decided to be a bit lazy and jumped from a great height down to where he was in the ravine thinking my safe fall would keep me safe. It didn’t. I went splat all over my necro friend and died at his feet. He teased me constantly over the next few days, saying how he couldn’t wait to recount to his necro friends how I was so eager to join his minions I threw myself off a cliff and died at his feet.

    That is, until we were in Befallen: HoF one night. Do you know that spot with the easy jump from the wood planks onto the cliff? He was running in front when suddenly I see him jump and missing the landing just slightly causing an instant death right in front of me.

    He hasn’t brought up my falling incident since ;)

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