Two Bogeys

Two new hits popped up on my radar this morning.

Sanya over at Eating Bees is starting a new blog at on MMOs.  Check it out because not only is she an excellent writer with insider information but it will also help feed her ancient beagle.

I am also currently listening to A Life Well Wasted.  I am only on the first episode, but it is a video game podcast done in the style of This American Life (one of my favorite radio shows).  It is well worth a listen.  Hopefully the Ira Glass-analogue for the show, Robert Ashley, will animate his voice a touch more during narrative in future episodes. 

this is not a test, this is rock’n’roll

NOTE: As a warning A Life Well Wasted, episode 1, is rife with curse words from ex-EGM employees. Headphones at work are suggested.

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  1. I want to make a pimp joke, but I don’t know if I should take it in a “furry” direction or a “cosplay” direction.

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