16th Frustration

Unfortunately, the virtues of the Sixteenth Hall contribute to its problems. It is long, relatively unrewarding, and had the largest penalty for minor mistakes, but it is just as necessary to hit 6/6 radiance as the other Moria end-game instances.

A very good group can finish the Sixteenth Hall in 45 minutes, using “unintended gameplay” that is being removed today. A normal group takes 60 to 90 minutes. So each of the three wings takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your group. Except for the last stretch, each features one hell room, one other hard pull, and a series of standard encounters with high hit point enemies. That last stretch is a few big bugs that can be avoided, then a half-dozen queen bugs (with workers) that must all be cleared. The boss fights are not difficult, just lengthy (high hit points) with a lot of disease being tossed around.

The rewards are the worst of the six instances. The first two bosses have nothing of significant value. The final boss yields the shoulder piece token, when defeated on hard mode. The shoulder piece is one of two that are not part of the real radiance set; the Watcher drops that token, and this one is something to tide you over until you defeat the Watcher enough times to win that roll. Beating hard mode does give a 2000 destiny point bonus, if you have the quest; I am unreliably told that this was an accident of programming, as the destiny point bonus was supposed to cycle through the instances, only they could not get the code to work right.

What is hard mode for the Sixteenth Hall? Do not kill the little bugs that swarm around the boss. They have less than 200hp, so pretty much do not hit them, use area effect attacks, or wear any damage reflection gear. If you are a healer, this could be a good time to turn off attack forwarding, so you do not accidentally smack one when healing the tank who is trying to keep the bugs off you. You can still beat hard mode after killing a few bugs, and I am unreliably told that you must avoid killing the original two in the room, while it is fine to kill the rest (mark them or good luck). Who wants to test that theory after an hour in the dungeon? If a first-timer accidentally whacks the wrong bug, congratulations, no one gets the shoulders.

As interesting as this is the first time, remember that everyone in your fellowship wants his shoulders. If you average an hour, that means the average person spends six hours in the Sixteenth Hall, before considering time for finding groups, AFKs, recovering from any wipes, etc. Can you keep a group together for six hours farming the same dungeon? For every person who gets the shoulders on his first try and runs away laughing, someone else is running it eleven times in hopes that this next one is the one.

One of the major reasons I took a five-month break from the game was going 1-for-16 on the 1-in-6 chances in Annuminas. This is the last piece I need, and after a half-dozen runs, I am thinking of just skipping it and hoping to find something else later. There are supposed to be more radiance options in Book Eight (July?), and maybe I can join PUG Watcher raids enough times to win the real shoulders.

: Zubon

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  1. 0/12 in FG and DD yesterday, 7 in DD and 5 in FG. Oddly enough, every time a person would win, they would either LD, or their wife would make them log halfway through the instance the next time. This wouldn’t happen in kin groups, but most of the kin was off for the weekend, or playing at different times than I managed to get on so a few of us had to pug it up.

    The last DD of the night was, by far, the most annoying. Our mini wins the hat, then suddenly has to go. We get a different mini, and now one of our champs (who won two laps before) has to go. A hunter says he has a Warden friend who’s never been in here and just wants to see it. He joins. We struggle though the instance and make it to the end. Warden wins the token, the exp bubble, Bracelet of the Moon, and something else – basically a clean sweep of everything useful despite him “only being there to see” on his first, and very likely, last time through. Oh, and the warden was the only person who rolled besides me.

    My dice, they are a-stinkin’

  2. A good group can finish 16th in 45 minutes without exploiting, but it takes motivation to keep moving and make pulls without hesitation.

    The first boss does drop a nice purple light shield (Righ-targaid) and cloak (Jubut-rud). I can’t recall getting anything good from the second boss, but the third boss drops a nice purple pocket item for casters (Silver Spoon).

    The rest of your comments on the risk (time) vs reward are spot on though.

  3. Rumor is that the 12-man lair raid coming today will have non-set radiance pieces that drop. But, I do agree that the 16th Hall is a horrible, long drag of a place as interesting as it is.

    They should’ve taken some of the great jewelry from Grand Stairs and sprinkled it throughout 16th hall.

  4. I’m surprised they didn’t change anything with the 16th. I mean, it’s pretty unanimous that the instance is long, unforgiving, and the rewards are crap. There’s no reason you’d ever want to run it again once you’ve got the shoulders.

  5. Disclaimer: I have not played since Evendim.

    Has the dungeon/instance design gotten better? My impressions from way back when was the Barrow Downs instance being the only one I found remotely attractive and well mapped out. Weathertop was alright, but it was just one huge spiral staircase basically. The red swamp one (forgot the name) was confusing and totally unengaging to me and the one in North Downs (I think?) I never been but didn’t really hear any good comments about it.

    Do things still run in those lines or has it gotten any better? Zubon’s comment about the bugs describe an encounter I wouldn’t like to play.

  6. Julian, I enjoyed Carn Dum quite a bit, and the Annuminas instances were pretty good. Fornost in the North Downs is unfortunately long and lacking locks. Reviews of the Rift and Helegrod are mixed: I like my 6-man instances, not full raids.

    If you want to see the interesting short instances, the epic chain averages one or two per book. Moria introduces some good solo instances. The six radiance dungeons are about 50-50, depending on your preferences.

    The bugs are for hard mode. If you just want to run the dungeon, you can kill them to weaken him. You probably want the extra chest of loot for not doing so, however. It seems to be a popular hard mode mechanic: leave things alive while killing the boss. I admit a preference for being able to burn things down.

  7. Agreed, Zubon. 16th, Grand Stair, Forges (I don’t know if it is or not, we’ve just always not killed the last troll. Superstition maybe?) all involve leaving something alive. And when they make them non-CC-able like in the GS, it’s just mildly frustrating.

    However. Word in the ‘known issues’ of book 7 is, The last boss of the 16th won’t spawn the three amigos, nor mushrooms. Should be good fun for a while :)

    After going 21 shots at gloves in FG, I finally got them my 22nd run, right before B7 came out. So now I’m ready to go with 6/6. Though being the only one in my 6 man kin, I really hope the opportunities the 12 man lair they added are decent.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a PuG watcher run on Windfola, but I wouldn’t hate giving that a shot!

  8. My time in the Rift has always been fun. It’s very well constructed in my opinion, but I’m not exactly a raid freak.

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