Patch Note Fun

One of the things that lured me to WoW from EQ, besides the exodus of friends of course, was the light-hearted attitude the developers had about the game. The many tongue-in-cheek quests, self-effacing NPCs, and endless pop-culture references were a nice switch.

LoTRO, on the whole, does not do this. I’m totally ok with that, as they remain very faithful to their source material. There’s a few fun things, like the Moor Cowbell, for example, that add some real-world humor in. Where they do tend to slip in humor frequently, I’ve noticed, is in patch notes. Today’s has a few, but I found one that amused me in the middle of the recently changed armor list:

Helm of the Brazen Call
Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Ida who?
Ida know!
Shield-bearer’s Gauntlets

Such a massive list, 112 items at the very end of the notes, so most people probably never looked at it. I did, made me laugh. Enjoy.

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