Taking it Slow

Book 7 is now out for Lord of the Rings Online, and word is that the content is… well, not what we are used to. Lothlorien is a haven. Some of the most powerful elves reside there, and even with orcs spilling out of Moria, it would have been hard for Turbine to justify orcs roaming through much of the golden woods. And, I am okay with that.

The quests in Lothlorien are therefore puff-pieces. The quests are about the lore of the woods, and the history of the elves. For that reason, the gameplay is going to be largely fed-ex. People that burn through quests, find the glowy object, find the package delivery, etc. are going to enjoy the update a lot less.

Lothlorien’s region, for better or worse, is a “relaxing” place. The region was not made for the hardcore that blow through all of Book 7 by this weekend. Still, the update does lack proper balance. It was originally planned that Book 7 was going to have a more 3-mans, a 6-man dungeon, and a 12-man 6 boss dungeon raid ala Rift, but they were pushed back until Book 8. So now the relaxing content of Lothlorien is only offset by the new 12-man lair raid and the Battle of Lorien instances… both of which, I believe, are currently locked pending player quests.

I am excited about exploring the new content, and I still have plenty to do in Moria. Yet, I can’t help but believe that between now and Book 8 active players are going to drop off a bit. We might get luck and Book 8 might be sooner than we think.

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