Life Begins at 45

With the Book 7 level bump, my Minstrel hit level 45. 45 is a turning point in The Lord of the Rings Online™, because it marks the beginning of the late game. You can start all the level 50 content, and there is a lot of it because the game lived at that level cap for a year of updates.

At 45, you can productively visit Angmar, Annuminas, Eregion, Forochel, Goblin Town, Haudh Iarchath, Sarnur, Tal Bruinen, and other random spots that I am not recalling, to say nothing of working on your epic books. That list should probably start “Angmar, Angmar, Angmar, Angmar,” because there is a lot to do there as you approach and pass the old level cap: Barad Gularan, Carn Dum, the Rift, Urugarth, and all those quest chains in Himbar, Imlad Balchorth, Maenad, and Malenhad.

You also have the second half of Volume One and the opening of Volume Two. The only things keeping you from being level 55 before entering Moria are your impatience and the difficulty of finding groups for some older content.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Life Begins at 45”

  1. I remember loving Forochel in the those later levels. Maybe that was 40-45, though. But it was great having such a high density of quests there when, in all the maps before that, you’d spend ten to twenty minutes on a single mission. Then all of a sudden you can do about seven real quick, at the same time, and then run back. Probably one of my favorite areas in the game.

    I didn’t do most of Angmar. That place was kind of the exact opposite.

  2. Haven’t been in LotRO since WoW sucked me back in a month ago. I logged in last night to see what changes the patch inflicted on us, killed a wolf, and dinged to levels to 40. And thank goodness, because I was getting tired of Evendim.

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