Invoking Star Wars Galaxies, particularly in the explicit form of “If you make this change to the game, you will lose all your customers,” is the MMO equivalent of Godwin’s Law, in both its original form and the convention of losing the argument. Discuss.

: Zubon

Not that this stops explicit Godwin appearances.

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  1. You know what? I played SWG myself, and I don’t appreciate being lumped into a group like that, or being judged like that. You know who else lumped people into groups and judged them? That’s right, the Nazi’s.

  2. Given that the Stormtroopers are allegorically Nazis, wouldn’t any nonspecific inclusion of Star Wars in an argument be a second-degree reinforcement of Godwin’s Law?

  3. Lol. I think a better use of Godwin’s Law is to use one of the following expressions when people criticize a new favored MMORPG, or even make the slightest suggestion for change.

    “Go back to WoW, carebear”

    “This isn’t WoW”

    “Don’t WoWify out game”

    I guess any use of WoW or Carebear in a derogative sense applies. Weird huh?

  4. Almost simultaneously with the NGE was the sudden backlash at talking about SWG. It’s unfortunate. SWG had 10,000’s of very passionate fans. While NGE was the epic mistake, it wasn’t SOE’s first mistake with SWG.

    While I think the various mistakes are acknowledged, I haven’t read a great case study on it (sure, there have been posts talking about the motivation behind the NGE, but that was only one of many mistakes). I’d like to see more written about the great strengths of SWG. After all, it did garner almost rabid fans.

    There is (or was, it’s getting long in the tooth) good meat there for open discussion and learning. Rolling it up with Godwin’s law isn’t going to help those kinds of discussions occur.

  5. I was one of those 10,000 very passionate fans that left at the NGE.

    SWG’s skill system was unique, but they panicked when they saw what Blizzard where doing…

  6. I don’t think the law is as simple as “If you make this change to the game, you will lose all your customers”. All games change a fair amount over the years.

    The rule should be “Don’t radically redesign your MMO after it’s already been out for two years in a desperate bid to attract a larger audience… especially if your team consists of idiots and your virtual world is ill-suited for the new theme… and THEN, when you fail to reach that new audience, don’t go on TV and call your old fanbase whiners.”

    The simplified version of that law would simply be known as “Don’t act like a f**ktard”.

  7. SWG is still one of the best games socially imo. Sure the majority of active players are kiddie WoW rejects, but most of the other people are there for the community interaction. With Storytellers and such, the game can still be rather enjoyable. (I recently played it for 2 months straight, and now I’m enjoying Darkfall, if that says anything)

  8. I’d stop short of calling it the equivalent. There’s an almost cartoony aspect to Godwin’s Law that invoking SWG lacks. There’s a big scale difference too.

    Plus there’s a lot of relevance to the SWG “don’t rework the core game” caveat. It’s still fairly recent really, especially considering the development cycles on MMOs.

    What it does have in common is the innate deriding of threads once it’s been brought up.

  9. I’d say there’s a good chance references to SWG are becoming like the original form of Godwin’s law; but as to ending the argument, I don’t think think it is quite there yet. However it does make for a great troll post since it will temporarily derail the thread with a grand rehash of the anecdotes and arguments for the departures from SWG. You even managed a few comments here about life as an SWG player.

  10. I’m just really bad at staying on topic (or figuring out the topic, for that matter)

  11. “You know what? I played SWG myself, and I don’t appreciate being lumped into a group like that, or being judged like that. You know who else lumped people into groups and judged them? That’s right, the Nazi’s.”

    Put your flair back on!

  12. I played SWG for almost two years, then quit after the NGE. It was mostly do to feeling betrayed, the NGE wasn’t the game I had enjoyed it was this new thing tha I had to start all over with. SWG was the only MMO I’ve played, outside for beta’s for WOW, TMO, and COH, and I still think it had the best of the best in its design.

  13. I’d say that the mistake killing a game wouldn’t necessarily be “don’t change the game radically”.
    “Don’t ask your playerbase how they want the game to change, then ignore them for a year and do something radically diffrent which is ill suited for your game world.”

    Or to quote Bissrok “Don’t act like a f**ktard.”

  14. You know, I played SWG 1.0 for two months before realizing that I hated it, and I still wish that someone, somewhere, were running SWG 1.0 servers for the people that liked it. That game had some sweet stuff going for it.

  15. If you miss the old style SWG, you can look into SWGEmu. It’s a bunch of people who are rebuilding SWG to be the way it was the day before the CU/NGE. THe are still in testing, but the progress they are making is just awsome. Best part, it’s free to play!

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