No Artifical Pork Content

Since returning to The Lord of the Rings Online™, I have noticed a lack of something: gold spam. I have not seen a single instance of it. Even spending time in Bree-town, formerly ground zero, now just zero. No broadcast spam, no tells, no mails, nothing. Refreshing!

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “No Artifical Pork Content”

  1. Yeah, Turbine has done an excellent job of cutting out the gold seller spam. I saw one instance in Bree a couple days ago, but that was the first in months. It’s really easy to report gold spammers too, simply by right clicking their name and selecting “Report”. Ticket automatically filed and player automatically added to your ignore list. They must be doing some good “behind the scenes” work as well.

  2. I report all RMT spam that i see. I’ve just checked my support ticket list and it’s been a year since the last incident (EU Snowbourn server).

  3. Since joining in December I’d seen zero gold selling spam in LOTRO– until this week. Now it’s showing up constantly in Bree. D’oh.

  4. I don’t see much anymore, but it’s still there, unfortunately. Last week I saw a really clever spammer who spammed each channel with a character name like “ajkje” only to repeat the message through each channel again with a name like “ajkjf” and so on for a while. Before you could /ignore he had moved on to the next random name.

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