On Bannings

A profit-seeking company, with shareholders who demand returns and employees who have mouths to feed, does not want your money. They advertised for players, they take all comers, and your conduct is so egregious that they have decided that it is not worth the suffering to take your money. They accept the Something Awful guild, but not you.

Wow. That might give you a bit of pride, if your black black heart can feel anything.

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “On Bannings”

  1. Oh, the goons aren’t that bad, other than in Eve. I think a lot of it comes from the increasing average age. Harder to be a dick online when you have 2 kids and get to play 2 hours a week.

  2. “I’m scratching my head at this one. I mean, there is vague and then there is vague.”

    Zubon got banned from Maple Story. That’s all.

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