Turbine’s Fail-ikul

To be clear, I hate the name of this post, but it kind of wrote itself.  Can’t argue with that.  The new lair raid for Volume 2, Book 7 is unlocked on many, if not all, the servers now in Lord of the Rings Online, and the gate crashed open the wrong way, on many accounts.

First, the design.  I think that the monster turtle in Filikul was supposed to be designed as a kind of tank-swap.  The raid boss, Nornuan, hits with an unremovable DoT on the player it is attacking.  The trick is to not let this DoT stack because every time it does it does more damage over time and the duration refreshes.  By having multiple tanks the DoT will not get to the point where the damage cannot be healed through.  There is also a “time limit” DoT that the raid boss applies to all the players.  This latter also-unremovable DoT keeps stacking until it cannot be outhealed and the raid wipes.  It seems like an okay base design, but the raid is basically a DPS fest.  A raid full of hunters and champions, with maybe a token healer, is all that is needed.  Without massive DPS, the party will just wipe from the “time limit” DoT.

Second, the bugs.  The loot from this raid is pretty nice.  There are First Age weapons, radiance gear coins, and a pretty nice trophy.  If working, the short raid can be done once per week.  The raid lock was not working properly, and the raid went on ultra-farm mode with people burning through the turtle every 5-10 minutes.  Saturday night became the night of First Age fun.  Turbine locked the raid on Sunday pending a bug fix.

Finally, is the sinking feeling that this raid was hurriedly designed and not really tested.  The classes that were less desired, are still less desired, and the current “gods” of Middle Earth, the hunters, the champions. and now the runekeepers, are all the more desired in group play.  It is very unfortunate that Turbine is going this direction for their high-level dungeons.  All the tricks and shticks of the utility classes are being ignored, and even the holy trinity has had two of its corners sanded down.  Lore-masters, I feel your pain.


3 thoughts on “Turbine’s Fail-ikul”

  1. Yes and no. The current “top” challenges are to defeat the Watcher in the Water and Nornuan. Both are 12-man raids. To even fight the Watcher you must fight through six 6-man dungeons in a specific way (Hard Mode) to get radiance gear to fight him.

    Comparatively to WoW, it is only raid-focused in the most meager ways.

  2. I got an invite to the turtle on my LM because someone heard it could be removed by one. I was sad to find that wasn’t the case. My job ended up being playing power redistribution guy.

    My server, Brandywine, farmed the tail off the turtle. It was a non stop farm fest, with people having literally double digit First Ages.

    I’m going to assume he’ll get some tuning, plus the lock fix. If not, I’ll just cross off getting in on a raid for him on my LM’s list (he already gets a paltry few accepted non-kin groups).

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