Riders of Rohan?

Trademark/Service Mark Application, Principal Register

Serial Number: 77695820
Filing Date: 03/20/2009

OWNER OF MARK: The Saul Zaentz Company

Where does RidersofRohan.com go? Naturally.

Could this be the next paid expansion? Mounted combat?

– Ethic

Hat tip: LotRO official forums via F13.NET

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23 thoughts on “Riders of Rohan?”

  1. I’m sure it is.. my big question is WHEN. I bet they don’t know for sure. (Of course) but they originally stated they wanted to make a retail expansion each year. Whether or not they can pull that vigorous schedule off is beyond me as I have no idea how many people or how well organized their current team is or when they started work on Moria before pushing it out the door. Nice hat tip though Ethic.

    They have already stated in many many interviews that they want to do mounted combat and monster play in the more martial parts of middle earth and considering that so many games that are decent (working) MMO’s have mounted combat now the excuse of “its too hard” “its too complicated” has flown out the windows. We’ll have to see though of course. Blizzard was saying they wanted mounted combat for a long long time and never did it. Strangely, if something like this doesn’t make it into release it becomes exponentially less likely to appear later with most companies. But I suspect that Turbine will pull this (simple) thing off.

  2. I don’t have the link handy but one of the interviews Turbine did detailing the next expansion said they would go “south on the map” which would be Rohan.

    Mounted combat came up in the Voon interview over at TTH a couple weeks ago too. No details other than “it’s something we’d like to do” but it seems likely.

    What do we do if freeps can kill us while mounted though? At least now we can focus on dismounting the freeps. If they get to stay mounted with that speed and able to use their abilities, a very drastic re-design will be needed for creeps too. We’re already badly in need of a rune-keeper mirror class.

  3. Sounds awesome, but what does Saul Zaentz have to do with it? Isn’t he a filmmaker? Am I missing something?

  4. @Fuzzmaster: The Saul Zaentz Company owns the rights to the IP that Turbine is licensing to make The Lord of the Rings Online.

  5. Rohan is inevitable for LotRO so I’m sure they just grabbed the Trademark ASAP. They’ll get there eventually, but I don’t think this is any indication that it’s happening soon or even next.

  6. @ Thallian;
    I dont think it will happen as there are allready wargs in the ettenmoors, wouldn’t it be somewhat discriminating if some creeps rode on wargs, while the wargs had to run as normal?
    …or should the wargs ride Goblins?

  7. Considering that there will be 2 Hobbit movies coming out in a few years from Peter Jackson and company, I wonder at what point Turbine will focus their attention on Mirkwood, Dale and the Lonely Mountain which constitute the lands of the Hobbit book?

    If Turbine were smart they will coincide Hobbit “content” with the release of the movie to get the maximum cross-promotional exposure.

  8. As far as I’m concerned the sooner Turbine expands northward the better. I’m dying to explore the Long Lake and Lonely Mountain.

  9. “”Wolfshead
    April 4, 2009 at 11:38 pm
    Considering that there will be 2 Hobbit movies coming out in a few years from Peter Jackson and company””

    Humz? U meant Guillermo del Toro ???!!??
    Cause his going to make the Hobbit movies.
    Jackson won’t be directing, but he will be executive producer.
    However the filming rights resided at New Line (the studio that produced the first three films)

  10. I’ve only jsut started and I’m more attuned to not using mounts in MMOs. I don’t mind having a mount, but I do mind that the possibility of using them every damn time may just spoil it for me.

    A new expansion may mean a new HDD for me too. Mines getting very fat. :(

  11. Response to Aran.

    I came up with a solution a long time ago. Orcs and Uruks and (future) evil men and goblins would have warg and/or spider mounts. The current wargs and spiders would get a toggle skill for mount speed with an induction so it’s just like riding a mount.

  12. to be honest, i would rather have the next expansion be in mirkwood. it is one of the largest areas of middle earth and so much potential there. Steefel said in an interview that they will be unlocking south mirkwood soon (possibly book 8 or 9) so it would make sense to go in that direction with the next expansion.
    as far as mounted combat goes, i think it may only be in instances which is fine by me :)

  13. Well i for one am hoping it is Rohan that turbine expan into next. I, like i guess most of you are, am a role player. Im part of a kin called the riders of the riddermark (no point for why iwant the expansion to be rohan).

    i do hower have issues with the mounted combat side of things, on one hand i think it will be brilliant adding a whole new angle to the game. On the other i jut hoe theres some kind of limitations such as just playable in instances and PvMP. the thought of everyon running around on horseback 24/7 seems to just take the fun out of the game.

    apart from tht im eagerly awaiting the expansion and just hope turbine get their skates on

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