Turbine’s Recent Technical Record

  • Release Volume Two, Book Seven, a content-light patch that breaks, among other things, pet and enemy pathing in several zones, placing some targets in permanent anti-exploit mode.
  • Add a more reliable way to get Second Age legendary items. Between the test and live servers, change the reward table so that it is less reliable.
  • Let players complete a quest 20,000 times per server to unlock a new raid. Never put it on the public test server, open it with broken lockout timers, and shut it down within twelve hours.
  • Release the Spring Festival. Shut down the horse race within twelve hours.
  • Launch a “welcome back weekend” so that more players can see these. Start a log-in queue.
  • Their web sites and other games were unexpectedly down for an extra twenty hours or so, but eh, that happens during a datacenter move.
  • Realease an April Fool’s event. Shut it down within twelve hours.

There are many good things mixed in here, like a pretty zone and a very successful Spring Festival maze. But you do not say, “Most of the links in this chain are adequately strong.”

: Zubon

Update: and now log-in issues, which render the rest moot. Good communication on that issue, though.

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  1. Heyyyoooo. Uhm, I used to post here a while back when you guys were playing Eve Online and I was playing as well. Now I’m playing LoTRo and can’t log in, so I sniff around the web and who has the info I need YOUSE GUYS!

    I was just wondering what server you guys play on. I just came back to the game after “just going back to WoW” and finding that game had become an evil nightmare.

    Not sure if you’ll remember me but Ethic used to laugh at my n00b hijinx, and I think you guys are SWELL. /40s

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  3. Yea, you would get a mail asking for help with “a fox” and it would start a quest. When you talked to the town crier you would be sent to the deep end of the ettenmoors as a level 1 32 hp chicken. :)

    If you successfully made it to the glan vrag stairs without getting killed you’d get the title of “Fool” for “only a fool would try to get through the ettenmoors as a chicken”.

    So if your character was named Doug, it would show as “Doug, Fool”. I got it for 3 of my characters including my little warden alt, who I am having a ton of fun playing. Now if I could just log in again.

  4. This is par for the course for LotRO patches. Good news is that the worst issues will be resolved in a week or two.

  5. And so many people continue to try and convince me that LOTRO is the most stable and AWESOME game.

    And as usual, I will always beg to differ.

    Glad I do not play anymore.

  6. It really has been stark since MoM launched, the chonic glitches. Especially for a game that that had about the most stable and polished launch evar. I get the feeling that the dev team is really being crunched to fit a schedule dictated by marketers and accountants rather than the tried and true “release it when it’s done”.

  7. The problems have been invisible to me, guess I’m lucky. None of the quests they have had issues with are anything that I’m doing, and the downtime yesterday did not impact me at all.

  8. Eth, I think it’s mainly causing such an uproar because the problems are a contrast to the track record. Folks’ frustration is enhanced, I think, because 1) the content is good and the glitches are hindering them enjoying it and 2) they had a nearly flawless experience for a year and a half before MoM dropped and things started wiggin out.

    (Yes, I remain a Turb fanboi, but I’m also an SOE refugee. I’ve got plenty of perspective on what things are like when they’re actually bad ALL THE TIME ;-})

  9. I guess we’re starting to see the effect of the Turbine QA layoffs that happened in december.

  10. you forgot to add:

    #8 Do a Datacenter move (new IP, new hardware, new cabling, new SLA’s, new vendor staff, new monitoring…) while doing a Welcome-Back/Free-Weekend, Spring Festival, new Book content upgrade.

    That’s the real cause.

    They probably didn’t update their routing tables and/or had cabling problems so no one could find the DC via the launcher yesterday, and when those IP’s finally did propagate we then found the auth servers didn’t work.

    People were getting kicked out of the current status mega thread on the forums last night, and the forums are now closed this morning. They say because of that very reason (login servers). So the forums use the same account mgmt dip as the launcher does and there is no connectivity or some lack of integrity that db cluster.

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