Funcom’s World of Darkness

I can’t help but feel a little disappointed in CCP/White Wolf if Funcom comes out with an onion-layered dark world MMO before the makers of EVE do.  Massively gives a peek at Funcom’s upcoming game The Secret World, which honestly seems pretty cool.  It is a story-driven, time traveling, action-oriented, classless MMO in the vein of Call of Cthulhu or The King in Yellow, from what I surmise.  And, the producer is Ragnar Tørnquist who brought us the excellent The Longest Journey games.  It sounds very intriguing, but still I have that little pang of fanboism hurting.

CCP/White Wolf announced the World of Darkness MMO sometime in 2007, shortly after the two companies’ “merger” (read:acquisition).  Since then we have heard nothing.  According to Massively, on the other hand, The Secret World started concepting in 2002.  I have not seen when official production began, but I do not think we will get The Secret World until 2011.  On the other hand, World of Darkness has been running like a submarine, and one can only guess if and when that game will come about.

I guess I should be a little thankful that this game genre is finally coming to an MMO.  I think that The Secret World is going to take a lot more from Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (one of my top ten games of all time) rather than having vampire and werewolves, especially as protagonists.  Still, the two games would be like brothers, each in their own dark world.  If anything, maybe this will push CCP out of the deep to counteract any of Funcom’s marketing “firsts” and “onlys.”

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  1. Being a Horror Survival fanatic, I am so stoked. This also is to use the AoC engine, which has been uber stabilized and runs like a dream (and looks gorgeous to boot)..
    But, unless AoC starts pulling up the bootstraps and getting more scrips (and hopefully the trial is doing this..), this may never come to pass.

    Lets instead hope AoC does well in the coming months, because I really want this game.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about funding for The Secret World being based on AoC’s subscriptions… AoC was built on Anarchy Online, one of the biggest launch failures in MMO history, a game that peaked around 60k users and is now less than 12k users. They appear to know how to run a lean company and stretch their dollars, so even with a low number of subscribers, AoC will continue to run and release expansions, just like AO.

    I am looking forward to TSW very much. Can’t wait to play it…

  3. Yes, I do wonder when are we going to hear more about CCPs Vampire game. I’m intrigued by the sound of this one, but … man I loved running Vampire as a RPG.

  4. Considering the release quality of their last two games, I’m not even going to start paying attention to this one after it releases.

  5. After my War and AoC experiences this last year, I’m considering implementing Van Hemlock’s thee month rule for MMO’s.

  6. “It is a story-driven, time traveling, action-oriented, classless MMO”

    This sounds so awesome and just what human civilization needs right now.


    Oh…. nevermind. :[

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