Blast from the past

Bored out of my mind, decided to resuscitate mIRC and open a chat channel for all rat slayers. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s the age of Vent, IM, Skype or whatever it is you whippersnappers use nowadays. There’s something to be said for the old school, and you know I’m all about the old school. So there it is.

You can still get mIRC here.
Log in to any AfterNET server (should be in your mIRC server list). Channel is, of course, #KTR.

So drop by if you’re “staff” or a friend of this glorious blog. Have a little chat, say hi, or just lurk, making everyone else wonder what you’re up to.

We don’t get together very often.

6 thoughts on “Blast from the past”

  1. Honestly:

    There’s something to be said about IRC (which, is the correct term… mIRC is what people use who don’t know the difference) over voice chat.

    For instance:
    You can ask a question in IRC and it will get answered eventually… and as long as you don’t disconnect, it will be answered by your friends in IRC, and you will be able to read it.
    Voice chat requires instant responses.

    People run IRC in the background, and chat when they get the moment.
    Voice Chat requires instant responses, and is likely muted if they’re immediately unavailable… meaning they missed the question anyways.

    I’ve been using IRC since the early 90s, since I can remember. Countless technical answers and DevChats on Stratics House of Commons… things that are still staples in the MMO biz, years later.

    It’s DEFINATLY not an old thing. It will still be here for years to come as well!

    Use XChat – it’s the windows free version, far superior to mIRC.

  2. I can’t be logged in all the time! I’m one of those that turns the computer off when it’s not being used.

  3. Julian –

    Simple Fix, run 2 computers.

    I use Multiplicity (from Stardock) to mouse between them as if they were multi monitor. My low end computer runs chat and email, occasionally a browser to look up information, and my high end runs my games.
    Shut the high end off when you’re not using, leave the low end running.

    Problem solved.

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