Top 10 reasons to Not go to Fan Faire

The Top 10 Reasons to go to Fan Faire 2009

10) Las Vegas!!
9) Antonia Bayle & Firona Vie in your pictures.
8) Tournaments, Live Quests, and Prizes!  Oh My!
7) After hours fun in the Legends Lounge.
6) Late night LON and SWG TCG!.
5) Meeting your game’s Developers!
4) Meeting your in-game friends, in real life!
3) Brenlo singing Karaoke.

2) SMED singing Karaoke!
1) The Pink T-Shirt contest at the Banquet hosted by Brenlo!

Top Ten reaons to NOT go to Fan Faire:

10) It’s in Vegas!  Which means there’s dozens of places cooler than Fan Faire within walking distance.  You can’t even use the excuse “There’s nothing better to do” when at Fan Faire
9) You’ll be embarrassed when your friends find out you have pictures of yourself standing next to Firona Vie in your camera phone.
8) The “prizes” you get for live quests will suck so bad that you’ll cry.
7) Late at night, you’ll wonder why you thought it was a good idea to spend 200$ on a plane ticket, 150$ on a room and 89$ on an MMO faire, just so you can hear hype about upcoming updates 15 minutes before the people on the forums.
6) You’re still crying about the “Delux Sarlac Trash Can” and  “Improved Junk-loot Flower” prizes you got back in #8 of this list.
5) Playing a virtual card game like LON TCG and SWG TCG in their computer lab will make you feel more lonley than if you had just sat in your hotel room alone.
4) Everyone on the forums who said they will be there, won’t.
3) Brenlo singing Karaoke.  You’ll want your 10 minutes back.

2) SMED singing Karaoke!  When asked for another encore of “Achy Breaky Heart”, Smed will say yes.
1) The Pink T-Shirt contest.

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