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My level 60 character is a Hunter. After Book 7, I re-traited her for speed and sustainability (Huntsman line) because the damage (Bowmaster) trait set was nerfed. If you take a 25% damage nerf, roll with it. I tried Lorien and the new epic book, discovering that it was an easy weekend worth of content. Which leaves me nothing new to do with her for a few months except grinding. The Battle of Lorien is enjoyable. I could stockpile Lorien barter items, in hopes that the legendary class items become worthwhile, but that is not terribly compelling right now. I should probably hit The Watcher a few times, try for some shinier toys, but I am still not compelled. The only thing left that I really want to try is the new turtle raid, but that is turned off (for now (odds on its staying up this time?)).

While weapon damage took a big hit, tactical (magic) damage received a large boost. Conveniently, my next-highest character is a Minstrel, and I had been wanting to try a Runekeeper. Decreased Hunter damage, increased magic damage, and several weekends with bonus experience pushed me to playing alts.

My Minstrel gained eleven levels, ran through the epic books, and is currently parked in the cave for 1.13.9 until I get a group for that quest. I may become more interested in him again after that, as I finish Volume One and move him to Moria. Or maybe not. Good damage, good survivability, and his current level range is when monsters took the greatest hit (in health, resistances, etc.) in Book 7. It is nice not to have induction times on my attacks, although grouping becomes annoying as my healing inductions are constantly set back by the enemies attacking me. Some groups are good about keeping enemies off the healer. Those groups are too far apart.

My Runekeeper gained thirteen levels, including a burst to catch up with the Casualties of War static group. Our Tuesday night group lost its primary healer, so I shelved my Loremaster and put some fire under the Sith Lord. This is a nice solo class, lacking survivability, but with excellent damage. My survivability plan is to blow things up, and he has a 0-cooldown, 0-induction zap for when I need to start kiting. In non-CoW groups, I have had even greater problems with being beat on as the healer, because the classes do not have all their aggro skills at lower levels. The giant healing rock (totally lore-consistent, really) provides a distraction as the enemies go after it first. That is my canary, telling me that we have uncontained archers who are about to shoot me in the face.

Given Turbine’s recent and ongoing tech issues, my ardour is somewhat dimmed. I plan to stick with the Tuesday night static group, due to a lifetime account, but I am otherwise backing away until the server issues resolve. Something will probably be fixed before Book 8 (July?), but I am not making any plans on that basis. I recommend playing something else (or going outside) until the game becomes as stable as it was in beta.

: Zubon

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  1. It looks like bad times for all games. WoWs 3.1 patch is full of bugs. WARs patch 1.2 is making it unplayable. LotRO is having growing pains. Sad 3 AAA games are sucking right now

  2. Book 7 patch 2 allegedly is primarily about fixes for the stability/server issues. /fingerscrossed :P

    Yar in Lotro I haven’t even gone to Lorien on my Minstrel yet. I probably will at some point but in the meantime I’m enjoying re-experiencing the game on my Champion alt. All the lower level experiences are just different enough from my first time through (and just plain good enough) to still be quite a treat on a character class that has a whole different philosophy from what I’m used to.

    I really am hoping though that in Book 8 and beyond they learned their lessons for new content, particularly raids, dungeons, and loot that resulted in the MoM content being so close and yet so far away from the awesome it should have been.

  3. I’ve just finished playing through the revamped Ered Luin content as an Elf Hunter. It’s a lot more streamlined than before, and I really do enjoy it. I haven’t tried the Dwarf side of things yet, but I’m hoping it is a lot smoother than it was.

  4. I just did the Ered Luin content as an Elf Rune-keepers as well and the Book quests are now entirely solo-able. I don’t think there are any elite monsters left in the zone and the number of signatures is quite a bit lower as well.

  5. @Blue Kae: I’m pretty sure the Goblins in the non-instance Crookdell area are Elites. Other than that, they do appear to be gone.

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