Casual? Hardcore? Another Definition

Some times, devs just know things:

The only place where I find a very broad approach useful is in convenience of play. What is a player’s overall tolerance for inconvenience and delay of any sort? In that one regard I do tend to think in terms of casual and hardcore I suppose. A hardcore player will put up with less refined UI, buggier content, long travel times, and other things that basically delay or degrade the play experience. A casual player will quit after fairly little irritation of that sort.

Vastin knows a lot of things.

how deep the rabbit hole goes

7 thoughts on “Casual? Hardcore? Another Definition”

  1. /Prof. Farnsworth

    And another thing!

    Less refined UI? Long travel times? Is he saying LOTRO is for the hardcore then?

  2. That was the punch line to a joke, right? ‘Cuz that’s about the worst definition of Hardcore vs. Casual that I’ve come across!

    A Hardocore player isn’t gonna put up with shit any more than a casual player would! Anyone that believes otherwise is an idiot and is making strawman excuses for a poor game design.

  3. It was /another/ definition in a thread filled with definitions, and I fully disagree with your statement, Marchosias. I think a hardcore player will and frequently does put up with a lot more than a casual player. Grind and powering through bug-riddled content to be a “server first” springs to mind as two examples.

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