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Now that I have re-subscribed to City of Heroes, I can give out codes for free time. If you want a trial code or one for “welcome back” (must have been unsubscribed for 90 days) leave a comment. I can see the hidden e-mail field. You get some free time, and I do too if you give them money. See that huge ulterior motive? And yes, this comes right after the “why should I care about $15?” post. Hey, free trumps irony. It keeps me poking around Mission Architect.

: Zubon

16 thoughts on “CoX Time Codes”

  1. Funny, I just started looking at CoX again. That Mission Architect looks to be quite cool.

  2. Hey, It’s funny that you mentioned that.

    I am just about to sign up for a free trial to LOTROnline, based mostly on your writings. Seriously! I wonder if you have any specific way I can provide them (LOTRonline, not CoX)with your info, as my referral?

  3. That one I don’t know, and I’m already lifetime there. Ethic, do you have any hook-ups or want to exploit that? I recall your having some lifetime referrals available.

  4. I was just telling my wife yesterday that I had to try the new issue, and then riding out of the wilds of the internet comes…Zubon!

    I’d like a “come try it out with your old account” thingy if you still have any, Zub.

  5. My hero, Robot Vice-Principal, must be getting mighty lonely. It’s been over a year since I last logged in.

    By day, he’s a mild mannered vice principal at a suburban high school. But by night, and on weekends, and for two months each summer, he fights crime! Also, he’s a robot.

  6. actually I’d like a code… might be worth a quicky between Champions sessions…

  7. I went back to CoH a little while ago, but it just didn’t have the same glossy shine that it did the first time around. I love the game, I just can’t spend as much time in it as I can the gear-centric MMORPGs. Also, the changes for me just didn’t seem to pull together as coherently as the original release.

    I am really curious about the Mission Architect though. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your take on that.

  8. CoV was actually the first MMO I played seriously, and I still have incredibly fond memories of being in an 8-player PUG and having some great times beating up enemies. Well, my robots did the beating up for me, but great memories nevertheless. I’d really like to have a look at the architect system and see all the improvements they’ve made.

  9. I’ll take a code. Sounds like the meta-focus is on CoH, which is amazing for the older game. Thankee, sai.

  10. Hey Zubon,

    If you still have any codes, I’ve been considering getting back into the swing with the new issue!


  11. I would love a code if you still have any. I’ve been itching to play again.

  12. Hey I’m down for a code, haven’t played for a few months and wouldn’t mind checking in =D

  13. I admit, I’m curious to see what CoX has turned into in the three years since I’ve played it. Please send me a code if you have a spare.

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