Lord of the Rings Online – 2 Years! (with updates)

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the launch of Lord of the Rings Online! Happy Birthday!

To celebrate, Turbine is offering an “extended week of free gameplay from April 24th – April 30th, 2009. In addition, there is a +25% bonus experience boost on mob kills for everyone playing on those days!”

Also: “anyone with an active subscription as of June 30 will receive a passive, in-game gift known as the “Writ of Passage” which will treat players to a permanent 20% discount at stable masters.”

Some interesting news about the future of the game has been coming out. I’ll share what I find below.

From Massively.com:

A major game mechanic being introduced later this year will be known as Skirmishes. This name may change, Steefel points out, but it’s their working title throughout production. They’re described as dynamic instances that are aware of the party’s size, and they respond accordingly, in relation to how big or small the party is. They are also repeatable, and will have multiple objectives that will give you enough incentive to do them multiple times with different sized groups. “It’s the natural evolution from the focus on small party dynamic instanced experiences, and it takes it to a whole new level,” Steefel says. Plus, we were teased with a bit of exciting information regarding customizable soldiers that you can train and bring into these skirmishes. Unfortunately, that’s all we got on that.

Later on in the year, players will get the opportunity to explore deeper into the southern Mirkwood area, focusing mainly on the city of Dol Guldur, previously known to the Elves as Amon Lanc. You may remember Dol Guldur as Sauron’s stronghold where he retreated after the One Ring was lost. It became a key fortress that allowed Sauron to regain his strength and rebuild his armies.

On top of all of this, we’re also told that the level cap will increase by year’s end, and a new Summer Festival will be coming with Book 8.

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5 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings Online – 2 Years! (with updates)”

  1. Wow, I can buy this for 10 bucks, and I bet I get a free month after that. Wonder if my 15 Manstrel is still into screaming at spiders and shit.

  2. That’s a horrible list of promises. I mean, I appreciate that they are getting to where City of Heroes was 5 years ago in terms of scaling content. That’s a good thing. But they are releasing another expansion with another level cap increase? They have had one small content patch since the last expansion, and it was a technical debacle.

    On the other hand, I guess I can stop worrying about any endgame grinding, if Turbine plans to render it obsolete every 12 months. I can more productively get permanent things, like levels and deeds.

  3. Yeah I’m not thrilled with the level cap raise, mostly because I have not yet hit the original one.

  4. I agree with Zubon, that’s a terrifying list of promises. Raising the level cap must imply a new release, as what else would cause that? So that’s 2 releases a year? Nooooo, don’t use Sopny’s model! That means that we’re looking at going from Ruins of Kunark to…Velious. Can Luclin (*shudder*) and GoD (*scream*) be far off?

  5. Happy birthday. Contrary to popular belief, I -did- enjoy the game for a while.

    I just wish they hadn’t really based it so much on you-know-what, but so do all who see such times. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that we are given.

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