Advances in Wearable Computers

I keep citing Rainbows End as a vision of the near-future, and here is a big step towards it: an implementation of wearable computers using currently available technology. A bit of miniaturization, work on those contact lens monitors instead of projecting it, and we’re there. The video is very worth watching. (Yes, it is a tech demo, so I assume it took many takes and some careful positioning of how things were projected, but those are technical details that can be worked on, given that she refers to “ten years from now” rather than “buy my product now.”)

: Zubon

Thanks to Steven Jackson Games for the link.

6 thoughts on “Advances in Wearable Computers”

  1. TED Videos got me through my work shift last night. You can just queue up half a dozen in YouTube, hit Play All, then sit back and feel your mind expand.

    As for the wearable computer, I’ll be queueing up for one when they go commercial.

  2. Very cool.

    I guess we’ll have to think about how we describe ourselves online/social networking if people might be ‘reading us’ in the future.

  3. I am also reading Rainbows End right now, so far so good.

    That video is nice… should be neat once it can at least fit in glasses.

    I’m still waiting for neural interfaces… hopefully we’ll be around to see them, as things will get crazy.

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