Strategic Class Selection

Being a rare class is a loot boon in the Lord of the Rings Online™ raiding environment. Tell me if you are seeing something similar/different in your game/server.

First, understand that (at least on our server) raid loot is awarded by a standard need/greed roll. I know of guilds that use DKP and such for their guild raids, but the game is very supportive of casual raiding, so I have never been on a raid that used anything other than need/greed (with master looter enabled). This does give an under-equipped character greater rewards for raiding, but no one seems to care much. Even if there were DKP, how many would you need to spend in competition with your guild’s other level 60 Warden?

We noticed that we had a dozen level 60s on last night, so we called in impromptu turtle raid. Our team make-up was rather good without much fiddling, despite what looks like a ridiculous class balance: we had 6 Hunters, 2 Minstrels, 2 Burglars, 1 Guardian, and 1 Champion. For the non-LOTRO players, the turtle raid calls for tank rotation due to a stacking, incurable DoT, and the easiest way to do that is with a Burglar’s Enrage ability, which makes the enemy attack at random. That makes everyone a mini-tank, spreads the damage, and makes it a race between your DPS versus growing damage-over-time. The ideal team would probably be 10 Rune-keepers, 1 Burglar (for Enrage), and 1 Loremaster (for fire damage debuffs).

As one of the 6 Hunters (before dropping to let a Captain join), I realized that my odds of getting loot were not great: 1/9 that any item is for Hunters, then 1/6 that I get it. Hunters are the most popular class, so every group of six for every raid will have at least one Hunter. Minstrels have a similar problem, caused by their necessity rather than their popularity. Meanwhile, if you came to our raid with one of the other seven classes, only a Burglar would have needed to roll to take home his/her class’s First Age weapon. I have not checked how the raid turned out, but that was a greed roll if the drop was for 1/3 of the classes.

A similar factor explains why Hunter items are always ridiculously expensive on the Auction House. For every person who needs a good Warden javelin, three need a good Hunter bow.

: Zubon

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  1. Very true, and as usually the only LM on a given battle, I usually end up on the “lucky” end. In fact, on the turtle runs I did go on, the hunters complained for the exact reason you mentioned – my only competition was myself, while they had 6 others to fight against.

  2. I thought Champions used to be flavor of the month? Guess this has changed.

    This is the obvious side effect of playing any MMO in easy mode or buckling down to play a class that is not popular but needed. For WoW it is Deathknights that are EZ mode. I guess in this game now it is Hunters. They are fun though :) I got one to level 9 for this weekend during the free time. I won’t ever level cap so I am enjoying just shooting things while the game is free at the moment

    Always a tough call.

  3. The two options to change this seem more distasteful:

    1.) DKP to roll on ANY 1st age weapon to sell on the AH or equip or trade as you like

    2.) DKP to roll on your own class’s 1st age weapon, where a hunter that rarely gets to raid knows not to bother ever going again until the regulars all finally get loot.

    Our kin puts up unwanted 1st agers (more often than you’d think) to general AH, where they can sell for 40-60g to be split between the raid members; otherwise, the 1st agers stay in the kin to gear us up for future and current content just as in yours.

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