Guild Wars – Those Meddling Players

Many players are getting used to the new dailies in Guild Wars, especially the PvP-based daily.  With the two PvE-based dailies, they cannot go on insta-farm mode because of the need to have the mission or explorable area unlocked.  Players cannot just create new characters and attack the mission or boss.  The PvP-based daily allows for insta-farming because players can create new PvP characters in order to redo the quest as many times as they want.

Now the balance lies in the fact that with PvE-based quests, players can complete the daily Zaishen Challenge by using heroes and henchmen and normally PvP-based quests require grouping up with active players, which would feasibly slow down the farming of the PvP-based daily.  The outlier is Hero Battles, which pits one player and three AI-controlled Heroes against another player and three more Heroes, because the only other player needed is the competition.  In a game that touts skill over time played as a banner (and in a perfect world) this would not be a problem… except when devs create “long term” goals that require players to do a lot of dailies, player-driven efficiency kicks in.  (Whether you want to call repeating the varied and different Zaishen Challenges “grind” is too subjective for this post, but the argument is noted.)

Enter the /roll function.  This little beast lets the computer generate a number between 1-100, and is useful for splitting up loot or determining who does the suicide run.  Handy little thing.  It’s also handy in Hero Battles to turn a 10 minute match into a 30-second throw of the virtual dice.  The loser of the roll resigns.  The winner gets the win and completes an objective in the daily quest.  Of course, this practice has to be standard enough that both opposing parties agree that this way is best.  All it takes is one sourpuss to not play by the rules and ignore the /roll’ing players request for said sourpuss to resign.  Then they might have to fight it out!

Anyway, in a put-the-finger-in-the-leak maneuver ArenaNet turned off the /roll function in PvP maps.  Besides the threads bemoaning the poor existence of the /roll function, there are countless other posts deciding how to still figure out who should resign.  Guild Wars has rock/paper/scissors emotes.  Guild Wars has team colors (whoever is red resigns).  People were even saying that whichever team spawns further East should resign.  It definitely put a little tarnish on the shiny Zaishen Challenge Quest system, but I expect we will see another responsive change down the road.

you don’t see piranhas eating themselves, do you?

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  1. ANet should just start using temp account bans for anyone abusing the system. Resign more than X number of times within a certain period, get a 2 day ban, increase the ban time for each repeat within Y number of days.

    If you really want to go after ANet for something (or any other company), it should be for permanent bans with no explanation or appeal. While I understand the companies wanting to keep gold farmers and cheaters out of the game, there appear to be many cases of people being banned without cause, due to error or the person banning accounts not doing their job properly. Granted, some of those reported may just be people caught cheating being upset about getting caught, so they lie, but from the number of restored accounts, this does happen from time to time.

    If you put stuff in your game that requires farming (titles in the case of GW), then don’t perma-ban someone for farming unless you can prove they are using a bot and at the very least they should give a clear explanation of why the account is banned and have an appeal process in place. Seems like there should be consumer laws to protect players from this kind of thing or at least some of the rights groups should look into challenging this kind of thing in court (can’t believe I just suggested getting lawyers involved). Has any EULA for this kind of “offense” actually held up in a legal case, because it isn’t right that a company can kill your account you’ve invested perhaps years in playing if you are a legit player.

    Note: I have never been banned at all in any game, but I think there should be some kind of player protection in games where your access to the game can be terminated, even if you haven’t done anything wrong or if the company just makes a mistake. Increasing time temp bans with an explanation should be the way these things are handled. Gold farmers just get new accounts anyway, only legit players are hurt by a wrongful permanent ban.

  2. Yes it is.

    The /roll thing in Hero Battles had been going on for far too long. It actually turned me off playing HB. Some players would get so cut at you if you didn’t roll. Totally ruined the game. Glad they nerfed it.

  3. I noticed the /roll nerf… bit of a bandaid solution really.

    I’d love to keep the people “farming” the dailies though. They act as fodder so that the “real” PvP players can have fun slaughtering them :)

  4. The use of /roll in hero battles originally was popularized when a title was introduced for that type of pvp. Quickest way to get the title, which is quite a grind otherwise.

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