I Just Found a Live Frog in My Computer Case

That cannot be good for the hardware.

: Zubon

Also, the KTR image at the top as I came to write this was that EQ2 frog. *shake fist*

8 thoughts on “I Just Found a Live Frog in My Computer Case”

  1. Do not use West African frog DNA to fill in the gaps of your CMOS sequencing. This will inevitably lead to asexual checksum errors.

  2. Beats the time I opened a customer’s case and found an, admittedly little but still nasty, cockroach nest. Right below the PC speaker, where the hot air currents are soft and living is easy.

    (of course this was back in 1993. I’m sure today’s modern, fast-living cockroach professional has moved on and prefers dwelling in more attractive form factors with passive cooling, or low-noise HTPC setups.)

  3. Next time take a picture!
    Remember folks, anytime you see something astounding, your first thought should be to take a picture of it :)

  4. I once had a customer with a mouse problem.

    See, they removed one of the heat/rf shield things that expansion cards go in, and… in went the mousie! Then it widdled on the sound card and zorch.

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