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When I’m at work, supposedly working, I often read the Darkfall forums.  I don’t play Darkfall, and I hope I never do, but I love their forums.  I have a kind of sick sense of humor.   I enjoy reading the cries of disappointed new players.  I love hearing how broken and empty a game Darkfall is despite having launched their website eight years ago.

Today, I want to show-case their player base.  This is a post on their forum:


You are lucky I haven’t had the window to purchase this game. When I do, you will all be dead. griefed. raped. empty. soul and bag.

I came from darktide, when there was no rules. you entered a portal to farm levels, you died. over and over. my ua/melee/missle spec’ed tank ripped your ass up. over and over. you ran the field, you saw me, i raped you as you ran, pott’ed, didnt help, you knew you were dead. Tank Abbott gave you nightmares.

I love the amount of people here. Lots of farmers/EU’s/noobs. You are mine for the pillaging.

Be warned. All your everything belongs to me.


The responses to this post included such delightful comments as, “Go back to WoW” and “I raped your mom while you were in diapers”

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12 thoughts on “Darkfail: The Community”

  1. That is not Darkfail…

    He is TRUE Darkfall material. His post is full of win actually!!

    This is the true core of Darkfall…awesome!

  2. While I don’t browse those forums for disappointed people (which is a bit odd), I do go for the entertaining posts like that. All games have them, but PvP games bring out the all-stars.

  3. Makes one wonder how many people read that sort of post and LOL money out of their wallets to buy the game.

    Oh wait, we can’t buy the game! /facepalm


  4. LoL I just finished reading that post and the subsequent responses.. Pure gold IMO.

    Some people despise posters like dirty but without them would any PVP game really deserve the coveted title of “hardcore”?

    Personally I think the forum posts for any PVP MMO are a little weak compared to some of the conversations that happen in any online FPS game at any given moment.

    It’s been proven that intimidation will work on some people-it’ll throw them off their game- so you can’t really blame a competitive player for taking advantage of any and all weaknesses in any PVP game.

  5. Oh man, it’s like someone took Barrens Chat and turned it into a forum.

    The horror. The horror.

  6. I love the “Mature content advisory” global sticky, I think it’s on everything apart from news. Moderation and word filters are for the weak, I assume.

  7. Hey, it’s the people that make the game what it is for them. The developers give you the medium for entertainment and it’s up for you to utilize it.

  8. Well, since this blog was published, Eurogamer gave Darkfall a 2/10 and all hell broke loose, the community is wavering, and hope is running thin.

  9. Logs showed that the reviewer didn’t even play the game, blah blah, Darkfall is awesome people bitch on ALL MMOs go back to Rune scape etcetera etcetera

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