Darkfall Strikes Back!

For Darkfall fans, I’m probably not their favorite blogger.  Twice I’ve titled articles with the word “DarkFail” in it.  But grumblings about me are nothing compared to the whirlwind the Eurogamer review has created.  In the Darkfall general discussion forum today, 13 of the top 20 threads are about the Eurogamer review.  Creatively, players in the game created a block of spam-text all stating “so and so has declared WAR on Eurogamer.net”

Darkfall players Protest Eurogamer
Darkfall players Protest Eurogamer

Such passion for an MMO is uncommon.  Sure, people will insist the game they play is the best and call anyone who is biased towards a different game a “fanboy”, but for Darkfall fans it seems to go deeper.  An assault on Darkfall is an assault on the playerbase itself.
Maybe it’s because Darkfall is so unique?  No other MMO allows full player-killing and looting of their corpse anymore.  For fans of that kind of gameplay, Darkfall is their last hope.

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Suzina is a 27 year old who usally plays the same MMOs as her husband. Games played: UO, EQ2, FFXI, SWG, LOTRO.

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  1. awesome…serves EG right for standing behind a review full of blatant lies about basic game mechincs. Reminds me of the fully deserved backlash against the author who appeared on Fox news to help declare ‘Mass Effect as porn simulator’.

  2. I dunno why the DF community is the way it is. I’m sure it has something to do with being the sort of people who’d play a game like DF in the first place.

    I joined MMOGs with EQ, never having played UO or having experienced UO’s pre-EQ ‘golden age’ of full PvP etc etc. So that means I’ve about ten years of watching PvPers whinge / boast / complain about their preferred playstyle and the inadequacy of both other players and non-PvP games. At this point, reviews of Darkfall are hardly relevant. If you’re the sort of person that would play a game like Darkfall, you already know about it and you don’t give a damn about reviews. If you’re not that sort of person, you probably already know better than to interact with that sort of person.

  3. “serves EG right for standing behind a review full of blatant lies about basic game mechincs.”

    Well as far as I read, it was spot on. I dumped Darkfall a few weeks in, as in my opinion it’s still in an unplayable beta state.

  4. @Ghiest- if you believe that review was “spot on”, then you simply haven’t played Darkfall. Anyone who has actually played the game, whether you like it or not, can spot the false statements on game mechanics within the first 10 seconds of reading the review.

  5. It’s rather cool to see the community that is usually at each others throats stop to focus on a common enemy. It’s a very good example of the roots of a niche market game. Yes the forums have their trolls, and yes asshats exist in-game, but when every major guild uses its 24 hour cooldown to declare war to make a statement, it’s rather impressive, as was the forum thread related to this. Seeing Goons and Hyperion members agree on something is like Middle East leaders agreeing to a peace treaty.

  6. Maybe its because the review was utter shit with so many factual errors its sad. I can take a bad review, but I can’t take blatant and misleading lies.

  7. Is there a link somewhere demonstrating the factual errors in the review? If not, could someone post a few “highlights”?

    The line between “factual error” and “an outright lie” is pretty narrow when you’re writing a review, I would hope…

  8. You’re right Suzina, the Darkfall community is filled with haters and sociopaths. But just wait until Richard Bartle says something about it to see real nerd rage.

  9. “You’re right Suzina, the Darkfall community is filled with haters and sociopaths.”

    I never said the Darkfall community is filled with sociopaths. Sociopathy (now called anti-social personality disorder) has a very specific meaning.

  10. Suzina, you’re not stupid so I must say you are full of BS. You know exactly what i meant with my two sentences yet you use the first one to avoid the point.

    You claim “Such passion for an MMO is uncommon.”

    Remember what happened when Richard Bartle said something that stirred up the WoW fanbois. Even if they didn’t understood what the man meant? Did you took a shot at them then, or would that hurt whatever blog/site you were writing on?

  11. The guy who wrote this review was clearly a total moron .

    “use Right click to intereact and be motionless” ….. Theres a use key “F” the same as a lot of fps games .

    “10 seconds to change a wepon ” …… If your draging it from you back pack like a idiot instead of using the hotkey .

    The guy was a clown he spent a few hours in the nube spawn getting PK’d while trying (and failing) to work out the most basic functions of the gui .

  12. @Sok
    I don’t have a link handy, Maarvy stated a few of them.

    I know the reviewer said that hitting your target depended on your skills, as in if you have low skill you will hit them less often. That is wrong, it is a matter of hitting or missing, plain and simple.

    He mentioned multiple servers when there is only one (which to me screams “I didn’t play this game”).

    Personally, my biggest gripe with the review is that the whole time the guy is complaining about the way the game was meant to be. You’re supposed to be vulnerable when looting, you’re supposed to fight other people, you’re supposed to learn how to play the game. You’re also supposed to join a clan since the game is designed around Clan vs Clan combat. The reviewer dismisses Clan vs Clan combat as an Aventurine cop out to having “content” by saying it is their solution to the “echoing cries of “you barely have any content””. He pulled the echoing cries bit straight out of his ass.

    He’s just mad that he has to play a game he wouldn’t have picked up on his own. He’s whining like a baby left and right about how much you die (which only happens if you don’t learn from your mistakes). He hardly gave it a shot and probably just wanted to get it over with asap.

  13. Thanks, Maarvy and Bonedead. I think there’s distinctions between:

    1) Reviewing something and disliking it,
    2) Disliking something then reviewing it,
    3) Making honest mistakes in a review, either out of misunderstandings or changes (the Free Realms 4/10, 10/4 kerfuffle here), and
    4) Deliberately lying and/or making stuff up without checking to see if it’s true.

    After reading the review I was willing to presume 1, 2, and a smattering of 3. That made it merely a bad, biased review. It’s sounding like 4 is also true, which is (to me) pretty serious, moreso than debating if the fellow spent enough time in-game.

  14. It’s their own fault. You can’t just make two big rape everything all at once alliances and expect it to be very thrilling. My guild Murder Herd had the city closest to the Goons. They attacked us almost everyday for a week and we stood our ground and started kicking their ass pretty much. Then they start beating up smaller guilds and threatening people on the forums and the next thing you know they have a thousand person army. To me that is just pussy bullshit that doesn’t belong in a competitive game. It’s like a zerg in DAoC that runs over an 8 man and brags about it.

    They may claim to be pvpers, but real pvpers fight honorably, they fight for the challenge of a well balanced encounter. Instead of just fighting to win. It’s like being a real man or being a sniveling little bitch.

    I’m sure someone will want to say something to me about how dumb I am since they can’t wrap their head around the idea of competition and sportsmanship.

  15. As long as you allow people to fight how they want, you will get this sort of thing. People cause the problem, complain about it, but don’t find ways to keep it from happening. It IS their own fault but the game allows it. I’ll be shocked the day an open PvP MMORPG is a huge success without solving this problem.

  16. I think we all agree a game like darkfall will ever hold a mass apeal for the mmo community everyone knew that before it was released .

    People are leaving the game as they find darkfall realy isnt there cup of tea thats true it was always going to happen . Loosing everything when you die can be very frustrating and more so when you loose a city that you spent weeks to build inside a few hour’s .

    But on the other hand Lots join every time the shop opens and i can say this personaly from a guy that played Uo since 97 for the people who are craving the next open PvP mmo darkfall realy delivers the good’s .

    About zergs …. many games have had them they come and go a few already exploded or imploded on EU1 and the political jugglings of the darkfall world are as interesting for some players as the game itself .

  17. If you take a look at both sides of the slapfight, it might make more sense.

    Eurogamer thrives on hits. I wonder if this wasn’t planned, knowing that the faithful would get their panties in a bunch and spread the story around like wildfire. As heartless_ says above, this is all great attention for Eurogamer.

    Darkfall has to respond, of course. As you can see in this post, it has brought the people playing the game together to hate a common enemy. This has probably stopped people from tearing each other apart long enough to stall the “winner takes all” problems that Shadowbane had. Of course, this also gets the game more attention and might tempt a few people to try it out who might not have cared otherwise.

    And, as someone who has run Meridian 59, another PvP-focused game with a tiny advertising budget, I can appreciate what the developers have to do to get the word out on a tight budget. They’ve reacted in a way that has given them a lot more attention than they would have gotten otherwise, and that’s always good for a game. “Professionalism” is a red herring here.

    My perspective.

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