What the Smurf Just Happened There?

Note to self:

  1. Set up a web site with ad-based revenue
  2. Make a brief post once a week on each of the following topics:
    • Darkfall
    • draenei hentai
    • Twilight
    • intelligent design
    • gay marriage
  3. Open comments
  4. Retire

: Zubon
Seriously, I go away for one day and this happens…

7 thoughts on “What the Smurf Just Happened There?”

  1. Welcome to the internet? Perez Hilton is a ‘celebrity blogger’, TMZ is considered a legit site, and Second Life is the media go-to for the MMO genre. The lowest common denominator is not all that difficult to cater to.

  2. I take full credit then? I’m raking in the cash with all the profits I’m making off the traffic.

  3. I think I missed the draenei hentai, can you provide a link?

    (just doing my part to help with the hits…)

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