Guild Wars Goblin Market

After the big 4th Anniversary Update, the Guild Wars community is still trying to figure out exactly how the market was affected by the addition of the purchasable items through Zaishen Coins.  The Zaishen Coins are untradable, but the items that are bartered with the Zaishen Coins are definitely salable.  The more interesting market change comes from the roaming market created by Nicholas the Traveler.

Once a week, Nicholas the Traveler moves to a new location and requests a barter item.  So far, three of these barter items will net the player one Gift of the Traveler.  An account can get up to five Gifts of the Traveler per week.  When the Gifts are opened they can net simple things like candy or alcohol, but the Gifts can also net very, very expensive miniatures, pets, weapons, and tonics that can only be found in the Gifts of the Traveler boxes.

This past week, Nicholas the Traveler required three Branches of Juni Berries per Gift, and he was found in the Bukdek Byway.  First thing of note, this was the first week that required two different Campaigns in order to get the Gift.  The second thing was that Branches of Juni Berries could only be gained by completing a repeatable mini-game style quest, which involved a guard-dog crocodile-beast eating weakened enemies.  (I used minions plus Verata’s Aura plus Contemplation of Purity for a ton of hostile easy to kill minions.)  For some people getting the Branches of Juni Berries was a grind and a pain.  For others it was serious fun and profit.

Anyway, this supply of barter items and Gifts and demand of barter items and Gifts’ items creates this type of floating market.  Prices fluctuate dramatically (especially for the barter items), and by the time the market can be said to “stabilize” – mostly due to a sheer drop in demand – Nicholas the Traveler moves off to a new location.  I find this dynamic very interesting, and apart from the Zaishen Quests and title grind, the weekly market gives very good reason to sign on for a few hours every week.

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2 thoughts on “Guild Wars Goblin Market”

  1. I popped into GW yesterday morning to try my hand at my first Zaishen Bounty. Reading the quest, I noticed the normal reward is 10 Zaishen copper coins but completing on Hard Mode delivers an extra 25 on top of that! Too good to pass up, I gave it a shot. It became apparent all too quickly that Hard Mode is just too much after 8 months or so not playing at all. :(

    One thing I never understood though is this whole “economy” thing in GW. First, once you’ve spent a few hours (or maybe couple days in Prophecies) to get level cap, gold practically grows on trees. I can’t think of a single item in the game I would bother sitting around for hours in a hub spamming the trade channel to either buy or sell. It’s obvious some people enjoy that though, but I just don’t get it. Pick any item and there’s a 99% chance I can get it or get an exact duplicate pretty easily. I have better things to do than spam (or read spam) for trades. In another game where gear matters more and may be more difficult to come by, sure… I’ll use the AH. But not in GW.

  2. That’s a seriously cool mechanic. Lots of random but lots of opportunity for the player to ‘game’ the system. Gambling at its very best ;-} Good for GW coming up with something that has the players so interested (even if they can’t figure out why ;-P)

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