It’s amazing how time flies. It was five years ago today that I posted my first post here at KTR. Here’s to five more years of fun! I hope you have enjoyed the epic quest so far. Let’s go kill us some more rats.


To celebrate our 5th anniversary, Turbine has generously donated 5 retail keys for “The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria™ Complete DIGITAL DOWNLOAD”. These codes will only work on the Turbine servers. For more details on what is included, follow this link. To enter, simply comment on this post telling me why you would like one of the retail keys. I will choose the 5 responses I like the best in 5 days (on Friday May 15th) and give each winner one of the keys. I’d like to thank Turbine for being so kind!

– Ethic

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I own this little MMO gaming blog but I hardly ever write on it any more. I'm more of a bloglord or something. Thankfully I have several minions to keep things rolling along.

41 thoughts on “FIVE YEARS”

  1. I’d like to give the game another try, hadn’t been back since the beta and never got to experience the monster battle portion of pvp. So always been curious how it compared and what’s changed since then vs the competition.

    Congrats on your 5th!!

  2. I’ve always wanted to try LOTRO, but I’ve never really had the chance to. I’ve never had the time, but I just got out of college for summer break and I’m going to need something to do. Trying a new MMO would be a really great thing, because I’m trying to convince my friend that WoW isn’t the be all and end all of MMOs. This presents a pretty fantastic opportunity for me to do just that.

    Congratulations on your 5th!

  3. I already have an active lotro account, but i would give the key to my brother and try to get some play-time in with him before he is deployed to iraq this summer. I played WoW with him when he was in college, so it would bring back some good memories.

    happy 5th. i believe i’ve been reading for the past two

  4. Congrats on half a decade, really great effort.
    I would love to try out LotRO once more after playing just after release. I hit the level cap but then there was nigh on nothing else to do so quit. Would be fantastic to go back and discover whether I am still the only dwarf hunter on my server. :D

  5. I already have Moria so I won’t bother trying to write something clever but big congrats your 5th anniversary Ethic.

  6. Congrats on the 5 year mark, that’s a pretty good chunk of time here on the interwebs. I started reading the site even before I played any games you all blogged about, finally getting into City of thanks to a trial referral from Zubon, not quite two years ago now. In the time since I’ve lurked and rarely commented, but the quality of writing here has me back daily, even reading the latest posts for games I really wasn’t all that interested by the trials or betas.
    I just finished the LotRO trial a bit back, since I finally managed to get a new gaming rig out of my tax refund and I’ve been looking around for what MMOs are capable of looking like these days, and I’d love to experience some more of what it has to offer (especially the crafting, which was quite enjoyable even without the auction house or player mail to feed stacks of materials to alts). I’d been considering getting a copy and alternating months between CoX and LotRO, when my current stock of CoX game cards dries up.

  7. Congrats! Four years ago, in May, I started my blog. Definitely have to give a bit of thanks to you guys here at KTR. Back then, there wasn’t that many MMO blogs to read and KTR was one of the few that made me want to do my own blog!

  8. Congratulations of 5 Years.

    I’m a huge fan of the LOTRO game and I regret not buying the lifetime subscription back when the game released. I have not played in ages and have not purchased the Mines of Moria, but I would love to spend some more time in that world again.

  9. I would love to get one of these keys for one of our younger guild members. I’ve Killed Ten Rats in games like EQ2, AoC, and many others so I know what its like. I’ve been there man!


  10. Yay! Happy Barfday to KTR!

    And many thanks to Turbine for being so generous. I might rip them a new every now and then, but what they did is classy and a nice gesture.

  11. Wow, thanks to Turbine…. That is truly awesome. And happy birthday KTR!!! May many more rats be killed.

  12. Wow, has it been only 5? It seems like I’ve been reading here forever, and have been honored to be a contributor for a few years now.

    Happy 5th KTR and Ethic!

  13. I would like a key because I love money, and hate spending it.

    I can also promise that should I be chosen for the key, Dwarven characters I create will contain no allusions to me being short or untossable, and elven characters I create will contain no variation on ‘Legolas’.

  14. Grats Ethic!

    You were one of the blogs that got me going as well, not to lay that at your doorstep.

    I’d love one of the keys, if you see fit. I’d like to pop on during your weekly group nights and catch up with you guys and learn something about the game.


  15. Congrats on 5 years!

    I would love the key for one very important reason:

    If I don’t get the key, I may be forced to go play WoW instead, truly a fate worse than death!

    I’ve always wanted to try out LoTRO as well. so there’s that too.

  16. Well done and awesome contest to celebrate the anniversary. =)

    I’m in no need of a key myself, but I could send one to a friend that works way too hard and could use a vacation in Middle-Earth now and then.

  17. Gratz on the ding KTR!

    I’d like to win one of the keys, because I’ll give you mansecks, and such. I haven’t played since Open Beta and I’ve really only heard good things since. I’d be very interested in playing something different (aka new, to me at least). I’ll do whatever you want me to, as well.

    Plus it’d go great with the 3 month game card I hope I win at noon today in the Ol’ Grab Bag’s haiku contest (examiner, eating bees).

  18. Wow! Congratulations on five years!

    How long after that first post did Zubon come along and start trying to take the whole thing down from the inside?

  19. Posting on the auction house, so many rat tails listing
    News had just come over, we’ve had five years of rat killing
    News guy wept and told us, the blog was really thriving
    I checked the date on the first post, then I knew he was not lying

    I saw trackbacks, flames, favorite posting themes
    Like EVE, Second Life and cybercat ATITD
    My brain hurt to see the lightsabre wielding lesbian mermaid slaves
    They read so much to catch us up on the latest gaming craze

    And all the skinny buxom avatars, and all the tall muscled avatars,
    And all the somebody avatars (in wow), and all the nobody avatars (in lotro)
    I never thought I’d be able to customize my avatars

    A new game called City of Heroes, let you look different
    If KTR didn’t write about it, I think I wouldn’t have known it
    A ganking victim, fixed his stare to his computer screen
    You told him about other games to play, and a Darkfall player screamed

    I think I saw you on a forum, making posts accurate and long
    Quoting and responding and writing so fine, don’t think you knew you were in this song
    It was cold, in the world, of magazine reviews
    And I thought of a place where reviews were true
    Your blog, your opinions, the way that you tweet
    I kiss you, you’re beatiful, why don’t we meet

    We’ve had five years, what a surprise
    Five years, time really flies
    Five years, that’s what we got
    Five more years, that’s what we want

  20. I did a free trial for a bit and the game seemed interesting, but I was already involved in WoW. I’ve since left WoW and would like to give LOTRO another try.

  21. Since the first time I read Lord of the Rings, I was struck by the integrity and vitality of the world that Tolkien had created. There was so much detail in the written words that even without digging between the lines, the world of Middle Earth was endlessly fascinating and rich. I felt like Sam – wide eyed, wanting to go see the variety of this wonderfully imagined landscape.

    Year later Everquest came along and the development of Star Wars Galaxies got under way. While both games, particularly the latter, purported to allow one to “live” in their fantasy/sci-fi worlds, I still wanted the chance to explore the Lord of the Rings setting.

    And then, still more years later, Lord of the Rings Online was snatched from the jaws of development hell and finally released. Unfortunately, I was in college at the time and I have since watched the online world evolve from the sidelines, never feeling that I have enough time or disposable income to devote to the experience. With some recent changes to my schedule and a sale at a video game outlet, I picked up the original version of LOTRO. Mines of Moria would be icing on the many cakes and pies I will surely deliver in game. I would greatly appreciate it.

  22. We’ve been trained to read “keys” and “contest” and immediately hit “submit”. Could be keys to a sewer, or to open the seventh plane of Hades, but we’d still do it don’t ya know.

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