Happy Belated 6th, EVE Online

EVE Online turned 6 on May 6th. Congratulations to CCP!

A 6 year persistant history. A living history where truly brilliant strategies have unfolded. Truly terrible betrayals unveiled. We are excited to see what will happen next.

This year has been very successful for EVE Online, thanks in large part to the Apocrypha expansion and a return to retail. We started out the year with around 244,000 subscribers and in five short months we’ve had a 22% growth in subscribers. In the past couple days we surpassed the impressive milestone of 300,000 active subscribers.

We’ve broken our peak concurrent user record 3 times this year alone, standing now at an impressive 53,850 in the same universe. That is exponential growth. We couldn’t think of a better birthday present than having more people playing EVE Online than ever before. It is another sweet reminder of EVE’s boundless potential.

As always, we encourage you to bring your friends, family and even enemies to New Eden. Cheers to that.

– Ethic

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8 thoughts on “Happy Belated 6th, EVE Online”

  1. I don’t know that I’ll ever have the time or ambition to play EVE, but I am damn glad that it exists and is successful. Me and Rav agree that when we’re independently wealth we’ll hire someone to play it for us full time and report on the neat shit that they experience. :D

  2. @Julian: I think EVE is designed to be a social game. You’re meant to get involved with other players, form corps and things like that. Both times I’ve tried EVE I’ve only played solo and it just isn’t fun at all that way.

    Think of it as SecondLife in space… with less pron.

  3. “Think of it as SecondLife in space… with less pron.”

    You’re not helping. You know that, right? ;)

    Full disclosure of my experience with EVE: They had a 14-day trial (I think) a few years ago, and I played all those days. I’m sure the meat of the game and fun is well tucked away in 0.0, shared and enjoyed by all, but the prospect of spending however much /playedtime mining asteroids and fighting boring encounters in high sec while staring at mostly black screens and endless jumpgates was a bit too much for me.

    I’m sure it’s fun if you like ship-to-ship PvP and all the social meta aspects it has, but all that was placed way, way down the line for the average player. Takes way too long to get to the fun.

  4. What I find particularly interesting in their communication is that they have reached the 300 000 subscribers mark.
    Si the question is, what is better: to start at 1 million, and in one month go below the 200k, with users coming on and off (looking at WAR and AoC, here) or start at 56k, and reach 300k users that are here to stay?
    I haven’t played EVE, I wouldn’t have the patience. But I think that have a very interesting business model, a niche game that attracts a steadily, constantly growing user base…

  5. We’ve had some long time members leave us to explore the rest of the Eve universe and we’ve had some fresh blood inducted who are right at home creating havoc along with us. We’ve been dec’d by corps and alliances and of course have also done our fair share of decing corps and alliances and showing them exactly what a fun-loving small group of players can do.

    I am still amazed that it’s been three years and we are all having a blast still. We’ve made a ton of friends over the years and even more enemies and we’re nowhere close to stopping anytime soon. I used to play EQ1 and EQ2 for ages and never made such good friends as I have in this game. While we are miles apart, leading different lives and going in opposite directions, we still chat it up every night and share in each others adventures that happen in game as well as out of game.

    I would love to write a massive tale about all our exploits over the last 8 months but alas, I am a bit lazy and don’t have the stamina to piece it all together. Instead I will show a few bits and pieces to tide you over until I can fully get back in the saddle and knock out another whopper of a story. Another reason I am being lazy is because I did a fresh OS install and I forgot to transfer the folder with my story in it. But I did save my original Eve folder so I still have all my chat logs and pics, but I am not in the mood to deal with re-writing and retrieving all the pics and logs. It turns out I think it will be a long story, but I won’t have as many chat logs since it’s hard for me to get it all in order, so I will try to peace it all together via pics and my own sweet words.

    So where to begin? Well you might remember in our last story we had dec’d a corp called Butterfly Effect. They were so laughable because their corp recruiting bio said they don’t do stuff that’s against the rules and they aren’t immature 12 year olds who haven’t taken their Ritalin and in actuality, that’s exactly what most of them were. They swore up and down that we would do nothing to them because they showed up with a ton of players right off the bat. Sure enough, as time goes on, their clot of players dissipated and we put the hurt on them. Even though they swore they would never pay and they would dec our supposed industrial wing, they got tired of losing and paid up.

    I love that kind of ending. People unload a massive amount of smack and you end up getting gkplayer to pay you 500 million ISK and additional 5% more. Good times! As you know we tend to run into a lot of retards in this game.

  6. I wonder what the best way to defend myself whilst mining ores. I am currently a brand new account holder, and I am one skill and 400,000 ISK from purchasing at gkplayer site and 5% more is plus. Safe for getting escorts, are drones the best course

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