Say that we were to make a MMO based on Firefly. What do you call it? Firefly? Serenity? The Verse? Do you add something like “World of” before it, “Online” or “Adventures” after it? Prefix it with “Joss Whedon’s”? Your goal is to attract the current plays (who might be drawn to The Verse) and a general audience (“Serenity” may not imply “action-packed adventure).


: Zubon

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  1. It’s already a popular franchise, I’d say stick with the name that speaks closest to that. Firefly or Serenity, probably attaching ‘Online’ to it so there’s no doubt as to what it is. Serenity was good enough for the film, wasn’t it?

  2. I’d go with Firefly over Serenity. You could add “Online” to make it clear it was an MMO. Or add on a chapter suffix, “The Next Chapter” or some other dramatic chapter subtitle.

    Then I’d forget about the naming and worry about making a good MMO which the fans won’t malign, and has good gameplay to attract a general audience.

    Because the Firefly / Joss Whedon fanbase is rabid. Please ’em, and they’ll do practically all your marketing for you. Make them unhappy and well, may as well learn from Tabula Rasa and bow gracefully out.

  3. “The Massive Online World of Multiplayer Adventurecraft”

    That should cover all the bases.

    ..oh yeah, it’s missing a content description… meh don’t think it matter these days ;)

  4. I actually seriously think that games called “… Online” are doomed to fail.

    I’m surprised for people don’t include “World” in the name to copy WoW more.

    Also, you must consider the acronym potential. For example, Firefly : Adventure Galaxy would probably be a bad idea…

  5. @Melf_Himself: Because Ultima Online, The Realm Online, Phantasy Star Online, World War II Online, EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online– these are big failures. Huh? I’m guessing we have different definitions of failure.

  6. I kinda think a fun game would combine all of Joss Whedon’s shows. You’d be on a crappy ship flying through the galaxy, stopping at frontier planets solving problems, and character classes could include Tech, Pilot, Bounty Hunter, Merc, Vampire Hunter, Vampire, Super hero, Super Villian, etc.

    What to call it though? Joss Whedon’s Online World of Adventure?
    Joss Whedon’s Firefly the Sing Along Slayer?

  7. How about: “Joss Whedon’s ‘Verse of Firefly Adventures: Serenity and Beyond”?

    Seriously though, an MMO in The ‘Verse would be fun, but would up against the juggernaut of EVE, and the impending Star Trek Online.

    A better option might be making an MMO based on the Buffy ‘verse. For starters you wouldn’t have to deal with space travel/combat. Also, you have a range of potential environments available from suburban Sunnyvale, to downtown [town where Angel was set]. Plus you could give players options like playing a demon, vampire, or mage as well.

  8. The Firefly Experience featuring the Likeness of Nathan Fillion!

    Starships and Six Guns! (I think I played a role-playing game of that name at some point.)

    Tales from the Border Worlds.

    I think a bigger problem than the name is what kind of a game do you make to capture the feel of the show/movie and have a fun and ongoing adventure. I am not sure it would work with PvP, nor would I want it to devolve into a series of cow smuggling/reaver avoiding missions. The whole thing would probably be better handled as a single player game.

    @Andrew: “suburban Sunnyvale” is a redundant phrase.

  9. @Andrew: “A better option might be making an MMO based on the Buffy ‘verse.”

    No, that would be up against the potential juggernaut of World of Darkness Online instead. :)

  10. I’m curious to see if Multiverse can possibly make their Firefly MMO fly, so to speak. I notice they haven’t actually named it yet and just refer to it as “Firefly” MMO. The great suggestions in this thread might actually help them!

    World of Darkness Online? Yes, please.

  11. Wait, someone’s really planning a Firefly MMO? I’ll be in my bunk.

    WOD online? Could be very interesting…

  12. “Wait, someone’s really planning a Firefly MMO? I’ll be in my bunk.”

    IIRC, the folks developing the Multiverse MMO engine acquired the license, but I haven’t heard anything about it since.

    Title, I’m not so sure, but its marketing tag should be
    Redefining NPC Companions

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