Lotro’s Legendary Item Grind

The whole time I’ve been leveling up, I kept hearing about what a grind the legendary item system was.  People complained about it and I said, “Do you really HAVE to have the best weapon in the game and does it have to be max level”  Now that I’ve spent a couple weeks working on my legendary weapons, and it’s time to reflect.

Yes… the legendary item system is a grind.  I’m beginning to wonder if running Helegrod 300 times while hoping for a super-rare drop is actually a superior system.  Let me explain why my feelings have changed a bit.

The task of getting  a super-rare drop is running an instance.  You’re hanging with friends, you’re killing big monsters, and you’re watching the loot pop up like a slot-machine.  One of my kin-mates put it like this, “The rarer the drop, the bigger the rush when you get it”.  The only drawback is being forced to wait for a group who wants to do it.

For my legendary weapons, I’ve been doing solo instances over and over again.  Even if I want to hang out with a friend to do the instance, I can’t.  I need to just be all by my lonesome the whole time.  The instances are not particularly challenging either.  I notice when I play these solo instances, I usually become quiet on my guild’s teamspeak server.  I just sit there playing the instance in silence.  At it’s core, the solo instances are not fun.

Do I have to do all this grinding to be capable of tackling the content?  No, no I don’t.  Yet that is my perception alone.  I’ve already been refused admission to a turtle raid because of my equipment.  Psychologically, that makes me want to be as close to the cap as possible so that I feel sure I am an asset, not a burden, to a group.  So I grind my little weapon away… trying to get better relics, trying to get higher level weapons, and trying to get higher deeds.

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Suzina is a 27 year old who usally plays the same MMOs as her husband. Games played: UO, EQ2, FFXI, SWG, LOTRO.

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  1. The 2nd Age that I purchased from the AH three days ago (for 6g) is now level 39. As it is, I could easily save up tokens, wait for the right weapon to drop or purchase and *ding* level it all the way up immediately.

    Now if I were leveling that same weapon with just exp from killing mobs, it would have taken much longer.

    Even group instancing, the item exp tokens seem to drop like leaves in august, although yeah those still won’t add up to the big 190,000 exp token per day via the solo ‘crafting’ instances.

    Zubon had it correct that getting the ‘right’ weapon is the bigger grind, depending on how picky you are. If your weapon is going to be rated by raiding groups, well it’s how picky they are. This whole system is also friendlier to some classes more than others.

    I still attest that the grind is mostly illusion and it’s more about the content than the legendary weapon system itself. If you were doing more of what you’d like to be doing, the exp on your weapon would be a secondary concern.

  2. I’m not trying to hijack the comments here, but I figured this is the best place to ask a very important question. The context: I’m an avid gamer, my wife is not. I got her a free trial of WoW once, but it didn’t quite seem to hook her. She recently re-read the LOTR books and loved them, so I brought up the idea of LOTRO. She’s excited to give the game a try. Now, here’s the problem: what should we play? I’ve been reading up on the races and classes, and I’m comfortable with any of them, but I’m not sure what I should suggest she play. What do you think?

    1. Depends upon wich class type you wish to be :

      for begginers good classes are minstrel,hunter,champ

      warden-dps/tank ( not good tank )
      champ-dps/off tank/tank
      runekeeper- dps or healer cant do both at once
      lore master-nuker/crowd control
      burgular- ( not sure not tried one i believe a de-buffer)

      see it was a while back since you posted this late reply i guess how did it go did your wife play it/like the game ?

  3. Sheltim: The Landroval server is the unofficial roleplaying server, you might want to check that out. If you will play together, picking one healing class (RK/Minstrel) between the two will help. Otherwise the classes are flexible; just don’t pick a burglar, the slow movement in stealth will make it harder to stay together.

    The turtle raid is the second real gear/DPS check present in LotRO. The first was the radiance gear for the Vile Maw raid. The turtle raid simply demands that your raid can do 688k damage in about 5 minutes.

    I think you’re a LM, Suzina, so they should have just checked your class traits and base morale/power. You’d be mostly redirecting power and debuffing the boss in the fight, your DPS is nice but not critical. If the group didn’t like your gear, it’s their loss, too. But maybe they’d just wiped half a dozen times and needed someone to pull them up rather than willing easily weekly and taking anyone to fill a gap.

    It sounds like you would enjoy being in a raiding kinship, just so you don’t worry about finding groups.

  4. @Sheltim: It sounds like WoW is perhaps the only game your wife has tried so far, and she didn’t last long with it? That being the case, I’d just let her pick one on her own then you pick one that might work well with it, since you’re more experienced with MMOs to start with. If you’re the min/max type then perhaps reading up on the various racial abilities might matter to you. Does your wife just want to play, or does she also want to min/max? Take that into consideration rather than trying to coerce her into making the decisions you want her to make.

    Of all the classes, I’d have to say the Lore-master is the most… I won’t say difficult, but perhaps complex would be apt. New players do tend to have learning issues with the class, although since she’d be playing with you, it’s probable that you’d be able to help her learn the abilities.

    Most duo’s tend to do the tank/healer or healer/dps combo, but even two burglars could work. Once you get to your Fellowship Maneuver ability one or both of you could trip one for heals or extra damage. The Rune-keeper and Minstrel can switch between dps mode and healing mode. For the Minstrel it’s an actual toggle ability, for the Rune-keeper it’s an attunement process where casting dps spells increases your dps output but lowers your healing, and vice-versa.

    In the end, I just have to go with let her pick what she wants, and let her play the way she wants. Don’t drag her through things because you’re experienced and you just “get” it all. If she wants to stop and smell the roses, do it. If she ends up playing even faster than you, enjoy that too. Just don’t try to force her to play your way, it will only lead to her leaving the game and real-life tension and resistance to her ever gaming with you again.

  5. @Shelt: I’ve played extensively in a hunter duo, arguably the gimpiest duo you can imagine, and we did fine. The FM system really makes up the slack in odd duos.

    My advice would be: let your wife play what she likes, and if it isn’t a RK or Minst play a class that at least gets some minor healing ability (Loremaster, Captain, Minstrel, Runekeeper, Burglar). If she pick RK or Minst, play whatever appeals to you…you guys will do fine. Long term both of you playing classes you enjoy will mean a lot more than whether play a combo that 5% more powerful. And most of the classes in LoTRO are flexible enough that odd synergies emerge from strange party compositions.

    On race choices, I tend to think of the races this way (note: these are abilities you earn at mid levels):

    1. Elf: once per hour stealth, once per hour parry ability (that sucks for any class save guardian)
    2. Hobbit: once per hour stealth, once per hour feign death (complete aggro dump), one per 30 minutes +1 hope to party
    3. Dwarf: once per hour halves all incoming damage for a short time
    4. Man: once per hour full self heal

    Other than those abilities, race is largely a cosmetic choice. The minor stat bonuses and deductions that races get are out of a total stat cap of 600, so they don’t mean much. And the feeble +morale and +power abilities that races get aren’t all that useful (the only one I ever use is the hope bonus on my hobbit). I’ve also never been able to tell any difference between the minor damage and resistance bonuses that various races get.

    The take home is play whatever race you like, unless one of those ability sets really appeals to you. The hobbit FD and the man heal certainly are powerful “oh shit” buttons, and the dwarf ability is great for any kind of tank. However, you won’t be gimped by race choice regardless. Again, playing what you enjoy is all that matters long term.

    @Scott: I built up to decent mid level slotables, and I max the DPS as quickly as possible on any new legendary (or whatever else I consider to be the “core” abilities). Other than that I don’t sweat it. I promise no-one can tell whether the parry bonus on your weapon is 2% or 3%, or whether the power reduction is 4% or 6%. If you really intend to max out every single trait it can be a grind. However, you will get plenty of weapon XP doing whatever you feel like, and it will be a lot more fun.

    It’s easy to obsess out and turn the current end game into a grind. My advice is don’t, or you will absolutely ruin the game for yourself.

    Have you maxed out all of your virtues? Do you have full sets of radiance gear? Have you finished your book quests? Have you gotten the rewards you want in Lothlorian? Have you earned your last legendary traits? All different sorts of grinds I’ll admit. But I personally always have a lot more fun when I bop around doing different things as the whims strike me than obsessing out on one goal for weeks.

  6. I guess I should clarify: I’m certainly going to let her set the pace and the focus of our playtime. What I’m curious about is if any of the classes are particularly more newbie-friendly. For instance, I don’t think she’d enjoy very complicated mechanics, so I’ll probably steer her away from the Champion. I plan on simply picking anything that complements what she chooses (likely a Minstrel from what I’ve heard).

  7. If you’re going to be duoing together heavily (mind out of gutter, please), I’d go with something like maybe Champion/Minstrel, or Guardian/Captain. Heck, when I was playing with my wife (mind out again) we were doing Hunter/Minstrel and it worked pretty well.

  8. Suz I gotta give this one a big ol’ “meh”. My minstrel’s been tickled to just level the decent LIs he’s got and replace them should he be lucky enough to stumble over something that’s any better. But that’s probably just me being an E and you being an A. C’est la vie.

    And yeah, being turned down for a turtle run because of your gear means absolutely nothing whatsoever, ESPECIALLY if you are a Lore-master as the one comment said. It’s a very specific battle that has very specific things that need to happen and a Lore-master’s role is the most specific of all as they said. AND anyone who would turn you down based on gear is just a jerktard who is not at all indicative of anything reasonable ;-P

  9. @Shelt: ahhh! Misunderstood you. Hunter is the most newbie friendly by a wide margin. Followed by Champion.

    Technical classess to avoid include Captain, Loremaster, and Burgler. Most classes are sort of middle of the road between those extremes. If she goes hunter, Captain would be a very good duo. You’d have DPS, crow control, healing, buffs, and a tank all in the same party.

  10. Thanks for all the help, everyone. Now, I just need to get away from work so I can go play with her (as Julian said, mind out of the gutter!)

  11. Sheltim, my better half has finally taken an interest in LotRO. I think part of it is the attraction of the setting based on reading the books. Like your better half, mine tasted WoW and didn’t find it all that appealing.

    Now, my situation is a bit different since I’m an online game developer. My GF has listened in for many years now, but never really gotten into a game. So, she’s not the total newbie coming in cold.

    But, one bit of advice: let her play around a bit, and don’t be afraid to switch to different characters to try them out. My better half started with a Loremaster, but found that to be a bit complex. But, she’s been playing a Captain lately and really enjoying that.

    I duo with her with a Champion, and that works really well as a duo; we can take just about anything our level or lower without many problems. Even full group quests fall to our might when they’re green.

    Finally, don’t be afraid to step in and help her. When she was playing the newbie area, my GF got stubborn and kept dying against a quest again and again, saying she didn’t need help. Feel free to step in and give a hand if she’s having a hard time.

    Have fun playing with your better half. :) I hope she takes to the game, because it’s awesome playing the game with your loved one.

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