Warhammer 40K MMO Announced

There you go. I would avoid caring about it for a few years, but some of you have been hoping for it since Warhammer Online was announced. Perhaps that is how they justify “one of the most eagerly anticipated MMOs on the horizon” [citation needed].

I am going to assume it is vapor and forget about it until they reach open beta, but feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

: Zubon

16 thoughts on “Warhammer 40K MMO Announced”

  1. I would’ve rather have had this than plain Warhammer.

    /ducks tomatoes, lettuce and other rotten vegetables.

  2. I’m with Julian, I would rather have had 40K over Fantasy. I need to try an forget about it now so that I don’t go crazy waiting 6 years for the beta.

  3. Hopefully, the game won’t have the same glacial release schedule that the actual 40k does. Oh, and letting players choose from more than Imp Guard, Marines, Orks and Eldar would be nice, too.

  4. Every developer is jumping on the MMO bandwagon nowadays. Warhammer 40k sure sounds epic though

  5. For the greater good!

    This was semi-announced a few months ago. Been waiting for the formal. Lesse.

    I wonder if I can play Harlequins.

  6. Actually this was announced/alluded to back in March 2007. THQ (who seem to be closely associated with Vigil, does this sound scarily like Sigil?) announced a licencing agreement with Games Workshop at that time. See http://stroppsworld.com/2007/03/01/thq-hammering-out-a-mmo-deal

    This is the first I’ve heard since then though. I figure they must have got past the first stages of the development to warrant making this announcement.

  7. I’m actually quite excited about a Warhammer 40K game and I would love to see a decent Sci-Fi MMO. I wonder how it will compare against the current WAR game.

  8. Hasn’t that been common knowledge for a while? Did that page just go up or something? I feel like I’ve known about this for a long time.

  9. To the best of my knowledge, that is a recent up, and it is news to at least some of us here. I lose track of which games are rumored, licensed, in pre-production, vapor, etc. A friend mentioned it, I recalled folks wishing for the other Warhammer recently, so *post.*

  10. Or I live in a world where all I hear is MMO X is coming soon and will it be the best ever! Revolution!

  11. MMO Kinda-X is way much better and you’re total idiots and losers if you don’t agree with anything I say about it. It’s better than X, it’s Kinda-X.

    *throws gang sign*

  12. Quite old news. First hints in 2007 when licensing rights were signed over.

    A couple one-sentence interview answers and a much longer one (http://www.gamesradar.com/f/warhammer-40000-online/a-20080502174245201051) in 2008.

    Perhaps the Vigil Games update hints at more announcements coming down the road. There was a point in ’07 when all the website had regarding WH40K MMO was a Warhammer 40k logo displayed, iirc. Didn’t exactly refresh everyday to check after that.

  13. Ethic said: “Hasn’t that been common knowledge for a while? Did that page just go up or something? I feel like I’ve known about this for a long time.”

    Vigil’s website has been up for a few months now. A tentative release date of 2011-2012 was announced back in April.

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