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I want to talk about the Moria zones in Lotro.  I don’t want to get into all the things the expansion changed, but just the zones themselves.  Personally, I think Moria is too safe.  When the fellowship ran through the place in the book and movie, it was filled with armies of goblins.  When my character first entered Moria, I immediately talked to the stable master inside and saw I could ride a goat to the next “town” of Dolvien View.

I understand why they want towns inside Moria.  The outside world is built with quest-hubs in mind, but it doesn’t work in Moria.  Instead, they should have styled Moria after Goblin Town.  Goblin Town requires you to pull and kill goblins each step of the way to get anywhere.  There are some quest-giving NPCs in the prison, but it never feels like the prision is a “town” where you’re safe.  You fight your way in, talk to them, and fight your way out.  Goblin Town feels like a goblin-infested adventure behind enemy lines.  Moria doesn’t.

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Suzina is a 27 year old who usally plays the same MMOs as her husband. Games played: UO, EQ2, FFXI, SWG, LOTRO.

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  1. And that is why I can never put any faith in MMO’s based on any preexisting lore, (assuming that that lore has weak minded fanboys), Whatever they try to do with the game they are trapped by two sides. 1) fanboys like you that complain that something isnt tight enough with the “reality” that you are familiar with. or 2) the lack of open development that you guys make for devs ends up ruining the game for the actual MMO fans out there.

    You can see the same thing in Star Wars Galaxies, Talks of adding in a new planet get completely flamed out on the forums, because “it wasn’t in any of the books”.

    Therefore MMO’s based on pre-written lore will almost always Fail to Thrive. And MMO’s Where the devs can write whatever they want will always be a safer bet.

  2. Don’t forget, you’re following AFTER the fellowship.

    Gandalf destroyed the Balrog, perhaps breaking the back of Goblin leadership within Moria. Perhaps they wandered away. Perhaps they were drawn to Mordor. It’s plausible at that point that parties of dwarves could have moved in and established beach heads throughout the mines. Certainly there are those who have delved more deeply into the Lore of the Ring, but it’s a plausible explanation, imo.

    And if you explore the right places, you’ll find the goblin armies and constant fight you’re looking for.

  3. Actually based on the lore Gandalf had killed the Balrog. Remember, the Balrog was the only reason the dwarves had to abandon the mine in the first place. It’s far from unbelievable that dwarves would have been able to re-establish control over some areas once he was was out of the picture.

    In addition, a large part of the tribes of orcs that the fellowship encountered in the mines set out after party hell bent on revenge. Apparently the FS killed some of their leaders on the way through the mines. It’s actually a little odd, it’s one of the very few instances of orcs/ goblins seemingly having a will of their own in the books.

    Finally, and you acknowledge this, a questing zone the size of the Mines structured like goblin town (no safe areas, no travel routes) would have been completely unplayable.

  4. Yeah. Sorry Suz but you just plain weren’t paying attention. As has been pointed out, you’re assisting a whole society’s worth of Dwarves on a massive resettlement expedition. And there are multiple armies of orcs and goblins in the mines (and far fouler things in the deeps!).

  5. I think that a Moria like Goblin Town would become tedious very quickly. I didn’t like to spend more than a couple hours in Goblin Town at the most because of the constant aggro and need to watch my surroundings. While it would make Moria more dangerous, as it was implied by the books (armies of goblins taking over after the Balrog’s absense) the game side of things wouldn’t work nearly as well.

  6. Lorewise I agree with Suzina that Moria is too tame and spread out. For Soloability its nice but I would like it to be more like Angmar was… some soloability, mostly small fellowship and lots of fellowship only areas too.

  7. The fellowship walked for days in the dark without encountering anything at all. They only got in trouble when they were almost out because they had attracted the trouble.

    How do you feel about your experiences soloing in Zelem-melek, the Flaming Deeps, and the Foundations of Stone, btw?

  8. One little thing that might help liven things up in Moria is occasional assaults on the ‘towns’, much like the ones on the northern end of Trestlebridge.

    They wouldn’t have to be grand affairs, just 3-4 orcs or goblins running in and attacking the guards and any players who get in the way.

  9. hmm, have you made it to orc-watch yet? or first hall? or anazarmekhan (or however it’s called?) or shadowed refuge? by foot, without the convenience of a summons?

    i can clearly recall doing each of those on foot, solo, and the memory isn’t fun: an hour and a half to get to first hall, fighting the whole way thru hordes of mobs; similar length of time to get to orc-watch.

    admittedly, i ran to dolven view the first time too, and yet noted the other day when i entered moria on an alt that i could slow-horse there from the get-go, but still: finding travel points inside moria is a *hassle*, with the exception of dolven-view. even the first run to 21st hall from the chamber of crossroads stressed me, because i didnt know it was mob-free until i finished it.

    if yr finding it easy, either yr getting help from others to circumvent obstacles then complaining about lack of said obstacles, or yr *looking* to be disappointed by the content you find.

    many ppl seem unhappy with MoM and/or Book 7 (and already pre-emptively disappointed with Book 8), and i think it has more to do with a desire to be unhappy than with the failing of the content. perhaps its cos i read blogs from ppl who play on Turbine servers – there’s no stability issues on the codemasters servers – and game-breaking hardware flaws always mae ppl think negatively about otherwise perfactly good content.

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