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SWG used to have something called a “Friday Feature”.  They would show a tiny piece of something from a future update, or highlight some aspect of the game.  The Friday Feature was sometimes just a list of statistics, and sometimes it was just a rehashing of information already on the forums, but it was always there, and it always kept me thinking about SWG on Fridays.  Even though I’ve stopped playing SWG, I still keep checking the web page each Friday to see if anything new has been added to the game.

The Friday Feature was really a great way of getting a share of my head-space.  The more I think of a game, the more likely I am to go back and play it, or try it for the first time.  All the controversy with Darkfall actually had me in their store on multiple occassions to try and buy the game.  News stories about an EVE corporation leader scamming his friends actually contributed to my husband downloading the trial.  He even went on to purchase EVE.

By contrast, Final Fantasy XI was terrible about letting American players know what to be thinking about.  I can’t speak for their Japanese players, but Americans had no clue what was new in the game until it was already out.  Blogs and forums help fill the void, but there’s nothing like hearing from the horse’s mouth tid-bits about what’s coming next.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Feature”

  1. SWG still does the Friday Feature. But yes, I do wish more games provided something official like that weekly.

  2. I’m afraid there hasn’t been a Friday Feature since May 8th.
    So they took a week off, you’re saying?

  3. I think you raise an excellent point about “head space” and how important it is to get players to sort of yearn for your game. By advertising this way, SWG created much more of a dialogue and, I think, an understanding with their customers. I’d love to see CCP do something like that.

    Agent EVE, AFK Gamer

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