Runekeeper Nerf Details

The Devs over at LOTRO took time to talk about the widely anticipated Runekeeper nerf.  Posters on the boards have been crying for a RK nerf ever since Book 7 went live.  Even posters who are not actually calling for a nerf are effectively asking for one when they brag about feats such as 12 runekeepers finishing the turtle raid in a exactly 64 seconds.

So is Turbine going to nerf runekeeper healing or runekeeper DPS?

When turbine discussed the details of the nerf, it appears the healing will remain strong.  DPS and power-consumption will see changes however.  Some specific RK skills will have their damage reduced, or effectiveness limited in Book 8, and all RK damage skills past level 30 will see an increase in power cost.

It’s too early to tell how this will actually play out.  If Turbine implements a nerf to tactical damage at the same time as nerfing RK, the net effect could be a massive nerf to DPS.  Yet if Turbine doens’t go far enough, we could still have the same old complaints.

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5 thoughts on “Runekeeper Nerf Details”

  1. I’m glad to see they are not touching healing. I could definitely see the power consumption issue coming and I’m a bit sad about the damage reduction, but if being top tier dps isn’t what they had in mind for the runekeeper then I guess there’s no way around it. Unless they go ape on resists or other dynamics the reductions listed will probably only bring them just a little bit below hunter dps.

    Can’t say for sure until the changes go live, but it seems to me that what they are saying is if you want high powered dps go hunter. If you want great dps with the option to be come a fantastic backup healer go Runekeeper. Unfortunately, I don’t have a problem with that. I was really hoping to be able to complain about something this morning too :/

  2. A slight damage nerf while leaving their heals alone sounds about right to me. I just hope Turbine doesn’t overdo the nerf. The class is quite squishy, it needs to do serious damage or their soloability will suffer.

    On an almost completely unrelated note, word on the street is that the Blackarrow creep class is a bit OP at the moment. Haven’t taken mine out in ages, so I can’t verify that.

    1. Surely they will not fall into a Blizz trap and whip out the nerf hammer every time a creep QQs but if BA is overpowered, chalk it up to people not knowing how to deal with it.

  3. Ah yes the black-arrow. Yes Black-arrows are overpowered. They have a dot now which does massive damage and can not be cured by any skill or pot. There are videos on youtube of full blackarrow raids killing the one-shot NPCs. Killing the one-shotters is not supposed to be possible in the game, but they can do it.

    If you have a couple BA’s dotting the same person, it’s impossible to keep up with the damage for healers. The dott’d person can run away into a castle if they like, but a couple of those dots on them is like a death sentance ticking away their last moments in middle-earth. Soon, the dot will over take them and their infamy will go to the creeps

  4. Wow, that does sound pretty insane. Presumably they will tone that down in the next patch as well.

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