While I’m on the Subject of Farming

The Lord of the Rings Online™ is having a guild leveling contest. Effectively, kin house rent will be paid for a year for whichever guild can get a new character from 1 to 60 the fastest, with prizes for other measures, such as leveling the most characters or having the highest average.

I can’t even comment.

: Zubon

14 thoughts on “While I’m on the Subject of Farming”

  1. I’m torn. On one hand, it’s great to put up guild competitions, that side of it could be fun.

    On the other hand, rewarding guilds for power levelling … how odd.

  2. Developers also take the path of least resistance – easy contest to create within the game framework, easy to measure who wins.

    Contest done by lunch and before deadline, now the dev can go home a bit early that day.

  3. Honestly, sounds like a good idea for a contest to me. For the kinship, it becomes a task of teamwork and strategy.

    For strategy, Where is the best place to powerlevel someone that many levels? When is the best time for them to buy bonus XP? Power them through quest xp? or Just pick an area with tons of monsters and slay them? Which class should this person pick?

    On the teamwork side of things: Who’s going to take turns leveling this character? Who’s going to go ahead to the next zone to summon the character?

    It’s also an opportunity for a new person in the Kin to get a brand-new level 60 character that’s ready to raid.

  4. Who’s going to take turns leveling this character? Are you serious? Because, you know, it’s 1999 and this is the first MMO ever and the term “guild drama” hasn’t be invented yet… jeez… But hey, I’ll enjoy a few laughs reading about the kinship who was *this close* to winning then gets shot down and players banned for breaking the EULA.

    No, a power leveling contest is a horrible idea. Well, more to the point it’s a horrible idea for a contest that is created and sanctioned by the developers, who should know better than to encourage that type of behavior. We players can be bad enough about that on our own.

    And here I thought the whole intent behind it was having the coolest kinship. Not the WoWest one.

  5. HAHAHA!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of canceling my second EVE account and trying out this game again. I’m not really using the second guy, all my code only works on one of my computers and I’m not motivated enough to code it all over again for another character. Plus, I’m trying to not get caught and I think a big part of that is not being greedy.

    So, I may head over here and try LOTRO…they seem a little more “abberent play” friendly than most.

    Why does the topic of this article bother you, really? I don’t understand your dislike of it.

    Publishers want people to play. Playing is good. Playing more is better. So, why don’t you like that they encourage grinding? If it actually caused people to play less then they wouldn’t do it.

    Like I said on the other thread – MMORPG = grinding. It’s definitional. In any environment where working a little gives you something, working a lot will give you more.

    Agent EVE, AFK Gamer

  6. Yeah, I interpreted this contest in a somewhat pessimistic manner as well. If they had good intentions, I think the negative externalities (to use an economics term) will show themselves pretty strongly. The most efficient way of winning this contest is to create a kinship with the sole purpose of leveling as many people to 60 as possible.

  7. This is a FANTASTIC idea.

    If I were a Dev and wanted to easily find out what exploits existed in my game without having to go through billions of log files, this is how I would do it.

    You know some players or some guild will cheat to try and win. You can then look through the log files of those who leveled fastest to find any exploits or things that need balancing better.

    if the winners are found to have cheated you ban them and give the prize to the second fastest guild (assuming they didn’t cheat)

  8. @kazamx
    Wow, i honestly did not think of that. Come to think of it, it really is a good way to spot exploits.

    But are levelling exploits really common in Lotro?

  9. Here and there. I can think of a few that are perfectly legal, within the game framework, but are a bit on the shady side (mobs that nigh-insta respawn and never wander for example).

    I took this contest as a farily negative thing, despite the fact that I have a squad of 60’s already and leveling in LoTRO isn’t that hard. I would have rather seen a contest race for the most exploration deeds on a new character or something. Of course, it’s all moot since I’m in Asia for work and can’t play anyway =)

  10. Whee, another step towards a $15/month Progress Quest!

    Why even bother with all the pretty worldcrafting and lore when you can just make treadmills?

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