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Today on the Lotro USA boards, a developer asked “What would make you want to log in?  I’ll stay afterhours to build it”  He makes quests, deeds, and areas, so he asked that suggestions be limited to something he could actually do.

I’ve been watching the thread grow all morning.  Unfortunately, I play on the European version of the game, so I can’t post on the American forums, but it’s quite interesting.  How do you say what you want in a quest with just a forum post?  I want content that has a good reward, that is fun to play, that feels good… I want content that doesn’t suck.

It’s easy for me to nit-pick individual game mechanics like a DOT in PVP being removable, or a particular class being overpowered.  But when it comes to world-building, it’s like art.  It’s like trying to describe what kind of painting I’d like.

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  1. Paintings? I want like a fantasy painting that looks cool. Like, realistic, but cool. And stuff. And emotionally moving.

    *sigh*. I don’t know art, but I know what I like. So I guess I’ll have to see it

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