Any online commentary I have on the day has been trumped by xkcd’s demonstration that it is possible to defeat the internet. I will try again tomorrow.

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “Meta-Trolling”

  1. How many meta-‘s does 4chan get for renaming /b/ ‘Twilight Appreciation Station’, with the appropriate quote as a subtitle, for the day, and possibly into the future?

    Protip: don’t go to 4chan.

  2. I’m mostly of the opinion that it’s best not to mention…*them*.

    “Speak of the Devil, and he will appear.”, where in this case the Devil has a bunch of blog alerts designed to find any mention of himself.

  3. The funny thing is, I don’t know which team you are talking about, although I know which I think has faster blog alerts for mentions.

  4. It’s an interesting proposition, but I fear that a force like 4chan does not depend on a particular name and thus website or forum. If the premise of the xkcd comic became true the forum would effectively be abandoned by the current members and picked up elsewhere in short time.

    I daresay they would also have the depravity and tenacity to shake off any wannabes quite quickly.

    1. RE: 4chan users moving to a new site, wanabees being shaken off

      History has already proven your theory to be incorrect. When 4chan users trolled Habbo (in 2006 or so) it led to an influx of Habbo users on 4chan /b/. Nobody wanted the Habbo users, but nobody wanted to quit using 4chan either. Since then, 4chan has appeared in the news, grown, appeared in the news again, and grown again. Every time, the old guard threw up their hands and said “Goddamn these newfags”, but the “wanabees” could no be “shaken off as you predict. Anon didn’t find a new home either. Some valuable users may have given up, but an adulterated form of anon culture lived on.

      Other futaba-style “chan” sites were built as a reaction to the trend of lameness on 4chan, but they faced resistance because nobody wanted to fracture the population of entertaining posters. Even after all these events, 4chan is still attributed for the creation of new memes, hacking, trolling, and irl trolling. (how anybody can still glean any enjoyment from /b/, I have no idea).

      If Twilight fans were tricked into using 4chan, most would give up after the flood of porn, gore, and reposts of reposts that occur every day. If Twilight fans invaded 4chan, they’d quickly realize that you can’t piss into an ocean of piss.

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