Evendim and Hengstacer

Last night was a good night in The Lord of the Rings Online™. We have a Casualties of War static group on Tuesday nights, which is pretty much my only MMO time for the past month. When you’re not really excited about playing, it can be hard to log on at all, even to see the guys. I’m glad I played last night.

In 100 minutes, we ran about a dozen quests in eastern Evendim. If you know the area, we hit the desert, all the wanted posters, and the assorted relics, robbers, bears, wargs, etc. around the named tomb robbers, along with the first three steps of the “riddle” chain. Almost all of this is trivially easy in a group of four. We over-pulled, were reckless, and generally stomped a bunch of even-level enemies with a few signature foes mixed in. It was kind of like playing City of Heroes, although a non-CoH “massive over-pull” is five to eight enemies.

Note: not a single bugged-out enemy the entire time, including a rampage through Rantost and along the beach. Fixed!

We all leveled, with all but one of us now level 35 or higher, time for mounts. Mounts are 4.2 gold each (Casualties, if anyone else needs mount cash, we have not emptied my level 60 of her gold yet. Post on our boards), so cue the whining about the quests to get the riding skill.

I originally had the full narration of how long it takes to run these quests, which I timed at 35 minutes of story-free, challenge-free, alt-tabbed horse riding. If even a description of the quests is TL;DR, you can imagine how much fun running them on a fourth character is. Bree-land is next on the zone revamp list, so I hope this ridiculous waste is removed. I can see how the timed obstacle course at the end if challenging, with the traps that make you fail if you trust the path, but has anyone, anyone enjoyed riding across three zones to build up anticipation of getting your own horse? The failure is only reinforced by the fact that the horse farm does not have a stable. If there is one place in the world that should absolutely have a stable, it is the one where you can see several stables full of horses.

: Zubon

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  1. Getting ready to start the mount quest line, Diet Mountain Dew at the ready. Hope I don’t fall asleep.

  2. It wasn’t that bad really. First mount to Bree. Take horse to Trestlebridge and hop off by horse farm. Second mount to Michel Delving. Swift travel to Bree, horse to Trestlebridge, hop off at farm. Third mount to Othrikar, map recall to Bree, horse to Trestlebridge and hop off. Run race.

  3. The riding was pointless, but the course itself is decent enough (especially since it’s the first time you have a mount)

    I have not been following LotRO that closely, what zones have they revamped so far?

  4. They should make it so that after you do the mount dance one time you can just purchase one on any alts when you get to 35.

  5. Syncaine: the level 1-15 experience got a revamp. That takes you to Bree-town. The rest of Bree-land and the early Lone Lands are next.

  6. Total revamp, or did they just make everyone level faster? I really liked the 1-15 experience the three times I did it (beta, launch, and again a year or so ago)

    Both times right at 35 is when my fiance and I hit a wall, although it was a combo of LotRO destroying videocards and the grind becoming noticeable that did it.

  7. Not a total revamp, but at least in Ered Luin they did shift some quests around a bit and some of the early fellowship quests were converted to soloable (Elites converted to Signatures). There’s less traveling as some of the quest givers that were out in the wilderness have been rearranged to make small quest hubs.

  8. Turbine has been expanding the soloableness (real word?) of the game since Evendim was released, so the revamps are just applying the later design philosophy to earlier zones.

    Personally I prefer to have as many options as possible. I can solo if I need to or find a group if I want, but I’m not forced to do either. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting one or two hours to sit down and play, only to spend half of that time putting a group together.

  9. Evendim was a fantastic addition to the game’s content, with great quests, countless options and easy levelling. You find many nice solo adventures on a well-built landscape with various enemies and you have one of the best group quests we had those days (Helping the Ent against corrupted wood-trolls)!

    If you think about it, Evendim made leveling from 32-37 quick and enjoyable, but if we take Forochel for example, I can remember nothing but hundreds of people racing for the same deer. Never done that map on any of my chars, simply becoz you dont need to, at all.. After Evendim the Trollshaws is more exciting then you continue jumping levels easilly in Angmar.

    To the Horse-Fields issue: what’s the point putting stable there, when your mission is to deliver the fresh steed FROM the fields TO the stables of Bree, MD and the poor dorfs..?

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