Degrees of WoW – 1 Minute

After hours of downloading and updating, I am finally in.  The RPGNet crew beckons me to Kirin Tor, and I choose blood elf because I am told that the new starting areas are much better.  Plus, for a while I will actually have access to new content.  I choose a priest because it feels like comfortable, old slippers.  Click random, click random, hot enough.  Enter world.

I had not set foot in the game for three years.  I joined World of Warcraft about four months after launch.  I had a brand new laptop to play the game on, and a little time to play each day.  My character was a human priest on Feathermoon, the most populous RP server at the time.  With the time I played it took me quite a while to get up to level 46, and then I quit.  I just could not take the seeming no-man’s land between 40-59 anymore.  It felt like that last mile in a race, only everybody was finished and that mile was longer than all the other ones before it.  I guess it didn’t help that I liked to fish for those oilies so much.

Why am I playing again?

A few reasons spring to mind.  Blizzard does a good job at many things, and since they have come back from the elitist edge of The Burning Crusade into something much more casual, it grabbed my interest.  I want to try out the new expansion.  The phased storyline and Wintergrasp are two things I really want to experience.  I am kind of in a lull with the other MMOs I play.  Unlike some other new MMOs, this has uber-polish.  Hit and miss F2P games are not worth my time to try.

Things I am not excited about?

The subscription.  With the amount I play I kind of agree with the subscription seen as welfare for the hardcore.  Luckily, money is less of an issue at the moment.  The grind.  In the early stages things move rather quickly, but in World of Warcraft of past, I quickly hit a wall.  I’ve heard that Blizzard has graded the leveling curve to be a bit quicker now, and I can always transfer a level 55+ character to Kirn Tor and make a Death Knight.  That being said, I am playing how I want to play and casually.  I am praying that Blizzard has pumped up this type of gameplay in the “old” content.

We’ll see how this adventure goes.

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8 thoughts on “Degrees of WoW – 1 Minute”

  1. Eh the old content is just that..old. They’ve done nothing to it other than shorten the amount of time you have to play through it by reducing the XP needed to level and increasing the XP rewards.

    Wrath is worth the hassel though. I love northrend.

  2. Well sure, that’s what I am hoping. I don’t expect an update, like what Turbine is doing, Rog forbid, but a quickening. I might get pretty bored though, and just buck up the $25 to make a death knight. Depends on the population and guild alts more than anything.

  3. You don’t need to transfer a high level to the server in order to make a DK there. This was changed in a patch after LK, now as long as you have a high level character and are eligible to make a DK, you can do so on any server/faction that you can create a character on.

  4. Yeah just to reiterate what Indy said, you can make a Death Knight so long as you have level 55+ character on any realm. So if you’re burned out on the older content, it’s probably your best option.

  5. Then again the levels 1-20 in the BE starter zone go roughly in half the time as 1-20 in the Human/Orc starting areas in 2006.
    And then from 20-58 it’s again more a third of the time than in 2006.
    DKs are everywhere, I wouldn’t quite give up the levelling if you at least moderately enjoy it after such a long time. Much has changed :)

  6. The Blood Elf starting zone is also very well made. Should be great fun for you.

  7. More things that have changed: Dustwallow Marsh is a great place to level in the mid-30s to early 40s range, unlike the hellhole it was three years ago. There is actually enough solo content between Tanaris, Feralas, and Hinterlands to make it all the way from 40-50 on solo content alone. Almost all the gear is itemized correctly (no more +str cloth, heh) and bags are cheap and abundant; pick up herbalism (or mining) and skinning, then sell it on the auction house. If you price right, you could have a full set of 16 slot bags by 20-25. Even if you don’t, the lower level bags cost just about nothing.

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