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Ever since the announcement of Star Wars: The Old Republic, there has been a lot of speculation as to what classes would be included. So far the Republic Trooper and Sith-serving Bounty Hunter classes have been officially announced. Republic Smugglers, Jedi, and Sith have not received an official announcement, but are known to be part of the line up. That leaves three classes not accounted for.

Opposite the Smuggler, I would not be surprised to see a spy, criminal or scoundrel. This is because I see the Smuggler as being either a utility-class with special abilities other than DPS, tanking and healing, or else the smuggler could be a stealth-based DPS class. Something along the lines of a spy would make sense from a balance point of view.

But that still leaves two open slots: One who works for the Republic and one who works for the Sith. To round out the holy tanking/DPS/healing trinity, the final classes would have to be some kind of healer. But who’s to say that SWTOR is going to include a dedicated healing class? With the addition of NPC companions following you around, it could be the case that each character has their own personal healer that they have to level up and depend on. That would free up the two slots to allow SWTOR to have players play something more iconic than a role normally filled by droids in the movies.

If that’s the case, what iconic professions are left? Mandalorian? Officer? Droid? Senator? Moisture farmer? Lets be honest, there isn’t any obvious choice.

But then, perhaps my count is wrong. Perhaps I’m wrong to assume there will be only one force-sensitive Jedi class and one force-sensitive Sith class. People are expecting 3 sub-classes for Jedi and 3 sub-classes for Sith, but that hasn’t been confirmed. For all we know, there may be no sub-classes. We may see each side have a Jedi-healer and a Jedi-warrior

Maybe that’s why they have yet to officially announce the 2 most obvious class selection options… because it’s actually 4 classes.

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  1. My hunch is that Assassin will be one of the Sith classes, but not as a sneaky rogue type, more of a ranged DPS like HK-47 from KOTOR.

  2. I hope there is a dedicated healer class. That is the only role I like to play in MMOs. I hate tanking and I hate DPSing. I just want to heal my life away.

  3. I think we’ll definitely see a medic of some sorts. Also different types of Jedi would be interesting but then thats perhaps what specialisation (aka talents) will be for.

    I do actually like the idea of a Senator :) I loved the Bureaucrat in AO.

  4. I sincerely hope that this game has no during-combat healer class.

    I don’t really remember how KoToR did things since it’s been a few years, but I do know it was DnD-based which makes me think any worthwhile healing must have been after combat?

    If so I hope they continue that, there is just something so… unintuitive and non-lore like about spamming ranged full HP healing spells during combat. Not to mention that games are a lot more tactical when you have to focus on preventing the damage from landing in the first place.

  5. It’s been stated that each class will have their own story, their own set of quests. That if you level up a Smuggler, then level up a BH, you will be playing all new content with that BH.

    How, then, will flashpoints (instanced dungeons) be handled? I can only assume each class with have their own quests going to the same place, so there’s a reason for a group of diversely-classed players to be in a single group doing the same flashpoint at the same time. Or will they all be solo, played with the NPC mercenaries? Or some combination thereof?

  6. Melf, what about those of us that want to be in combat healers? When I am with people, I don’t want to do damage or tank. I want to be a full support class 100% of the time. What about people like me? :-(

  7. sith assassin would be awesome. but i kind of want to be a Jedi but i am not sure.

  8. do you no what i think they are going to have something that you can have lick ten profiles in one account

  9. I also hope there are no tanks and no healers. In fact with only one unknown class on each side (if the Spy theory is right) there isn’t room for both a tank and a healer class.

    Diablo 2 worked very well without a healer class.For supportoholics you could play a Paladin or a buffing character but basically everyone had to run in and hit things.

    Eve is a perfectly good mmo without healing. SW Galaxies didn’t need healing if there were buffs available.

    The reason I’m tired of the Holy Trinity is because I don’t really like the social dynamic it generates. Tanks and healers do the donkey work, that’s what it feels like. WoW in particular has very uneven divisions of responsibility with some players expected to work extra hard (raid leaders, tanks) and some players free to goof off. I really hope SWTOR is not simply WOW in Space and I’m very bored of the LF1M (healer) and the various other grouping issues of Holy Trinity games.

  10. In the star wars books all jedi/sith could heal. They could all also fight. What set them apart was how they applied there force powers. Some specialized in healing, others lightsabers, mind control, lifting heavy crap. So you can see CC, tank, healer, and hybrid as a skill-tree choice for all force users. That leaves ranged dps/sneaks for the non-force using class.

  11. LF Healz – Hutt’s Palace, must know strats and have 2/6 Jedi set. Force Tokens speed run – pst!

    Bioware has a unique opportunity to take a strong IP and really do some interesting things to the MMO genre. It’s so early and not enough info has been released but will be interesting to see if they try something new.

    Here is to hoping that EA learned you can’t out-WoW WoW with WAR, an they are open to new thoughts and core concepts from bioware. Will be fun to see how this one pans out.

  12. So looking forward to this game.

    It would be great no dedicated healing or tanking class as all other MMO’s go.

    Give everyone a minor ‘oh shit’ heal with a long cooldown, but otherwise heal after combat – I like it! Buff before, but everyone has to fight, all work together to succeed. Could be interesting!

    As for classes, keeping an open mind and hope it’s not WoW in space, just give us well thought out classes that are fun to play.

  13. @Mordiceius: You can still support without healing.

    I’m not sure if you’ve played Guild Wars, but the Monk’s Protection prayers were a lot more powerful and exciting to play than the Healing prayers, since you had to predict where the damage was going to come, not just watch the health bars on the party menu. The Mesmer, Necromancer and Elementalist were all pretty much pure support, with little in the way of damage – caster shutdown, melee shutdown, condition/hex removal, snares.

    There’s plenty to do if you’re not healing people.

  14. I’m currently playing in a pen and paper Star Wars game (using WotC’s Saga Edition rules). The class options there are Noble, Scout, Scoundrel, Soldier, Jedi (I think that’s it). Players can later specialise into more focussed classes like Bounty Hunter, Ace Pilot, Crime Lord, etc. Jedi can ‘go bad’ and become Sith, or stay good and become Jedi Masters (combat focus) or Jedi Councillors (less combat focus). There’s a bit more detail to it than that, but it does give an idea of some of the character options available.

    There is also no (proper) healing in combat, and Nobles aren’t pathetic in combat, more like Minstrels/Captains in LotRO (sans healing, of course).

  15. Here is a quote from an interview:

    Plus, there’s activities to do like for example, if you’re going to help the Smuggler, and you’re a Jedi-I can’t talk about the specific Jedi class, but there will be Jedi-there’ll be activities for that Jedi to do while the Smuggler is doing his quest, that will help him out.

    So it seems fairly certain to be more than one Jedi class. Unless I’m reading that wrong. He could just be talking about the “Jedi class” specifically. Hmm.

  16. Why cant there just be 2 other classes w/o jedi and sith. Maybe it will be a choice to become one or how you do your story. But what people might not know is that jedis get blapped all the time, only when they become a ‘knight’ or ‘master’ is when they become dominate. The movies only focus on the more powerful jedi. idk this game is gonna be BA

  17. i feel like after the whole backround story and the mandalorian/sith alliance it only makes sense that one of the playable classes will be a mandalorian

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