Guild Wars 2 Concept Art!

The floodgates are starting to leak, but only in the most unusual way.  It seems that Kekai Kotaki, the Guild Wars 2 Concept Art Lead, and Daniel Dociu, Art Director, were allowed to use some of the concept art he produced for Guild Wars 2 to advance ArenaNet’s and the artist’s standing in the art world. Not that said artists need said boost… like at all.  Regina Buenaobra was kind enough, in her teasing, to confirm that this one was indeed Guild Wars 2 concept art.  The two pictures (plus bonus) after the break:

The first is from Daniel Dociu, and the piece is entitled “Construction Site.” (EDIT: This is actually “Guild Wars” concept art, as later confirmed by Regina)  Guild Wars 2 advances the game world 250 years from the current Guild Wars 1 world. It is very likely that Asuran technology has changed the way the races live. At first glance, the city in the distance worried me a bit, but this is only concept art. After thinking about it a bit, I decided bastions of Asuran technology would be quite cool. Especially since the main enemies seem to be reality-changing dragons.

The second is from Kekai Kotaki (and is the Guild Wars 2 piece), and it is a very thematic piece.  Not much to say, but in Kotaki’s interview (warning: big .pdf) in 2d Artist Mag, he releases quite a bit of Norn concept art (none of which are officially stamped Guild Wars 2 concept art).  I was not considering playing a Norn at all, but if I got a helmet like some of those in the interview.  That’s pretty sweet.  One picture, in particular, in the interview with the Norn hunting party really sold me on the Norn for Guild Wars 2.

I had to include one of Kotaki’s other Guild Wars 2-like concept art.  This one is not official Guild Wars 2 concept art, but I think that in an artist’s imaginative head it is hard to separate “worlds.”  Perhaps some bled over in to this one.  It’s just beautiful.  More possible Guild Wars 2 concept art can be found in this thread.

Storm Lord

the last time I blinked I lost you

17 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Concept Art!”

  1. Oh God, I really they hope they release GW2. It would seem they have to since they’ve already sealed the coffin on the original. Right?? There was a lot I like about GW if it’s mostly the same minus the private world when you leave the cities, I’m in.

  2. I am liking the direction they’re taking with this a lot. I have a feeling this is going to backfire majorly against the Dev though, as combining some “tech” into the game will drag it out from Western high fantasy and put it into the realms of Eastern fantasy.

  3. To be fair, only Prophecies and to a large extent (but not completely) Eye of the North were “Western Fantasy” proper.

  4. I wouldn’t necessarily call the tech “eastern fantasy.” To me, the Asurans feel more like WoW dwarves + Star Trek. Now Cantha otoh is definitely falls under eastern fantasy.

  5. Mmm… now I’ve got the Painter’s itch again. I really need to stop blogging and just go *create*, starting with brushing up my painting skills.

  6. Saylah, they haven’t sealed the coffin on Guild Wars. In fact, they recently released some new content. It’s just going to continue to be updated less frequently. Also, GW2 exists in a playable form. They just aren’t starting the beta until closer to the actual release because they want a near-perfect game by the time regular players first touch it.

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