SWTOR – Guessing at release dates

I love guessing games, and that’s what keeps me thinking about SWTOR (Prounced Sweator according to Yivvits and Mr Bubble). This time I’m guessing at the targeted release date. Developers like to say a game will come out “when it’s done”. After all, that’s what Blizzard says and look how well it worked for them! But I’d be pretty surprised if they didn’t have a particular quarter or holiday season targeted at this point. So when is it? Their site updates hold the clues.

You know Bioware has it all planned out. Their online comic book, their revealing of classes, their revealing of planets, and their updates are all ticking down to release time.

Nal Hutta was announced the 2nd Friday in February. Bounty Hunter was announced the 3rd Friday in March. Ord Mantel was announced second Friday in April. Then Trooper was announced the second Friday in May. It alternates between a planet and a class each month.

This is why Smuggler hasn’t been announced officially even though it’s been unofficially announced as a class. We just had trooper announced last month, and they prefer to alternate between planets and class announcements. If anything, with such a fantastic E3 trailer, they could stand to skip this months’ announcement and let people continue to talk about it’s awesomeness till July.

So lets assume they continue to alternate between the remaining 6 classes in their announcement schedule… That gives them 12 months to reveal 6 classes and brings us to E3 2010. At this point, with all classes and planets revealed, it’s time for a playable demo and an announcement of a release date. At this point the team makes a decision, “Can we get this out in time for Christmas?” If things are going well, and the answer is yes, then the closed beta begins to prepare for it’s debut on shelves the day after Thanksgiving: the last Friday of November.

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12 thoughts on “SWTOR – Guessing at release dates”

  1. @spinks: If EA has learned anything, it will come out a month or two AFTER B’s next expansion.

    Let’s just pretend it isn’t coming out for 4 more years, as to slow down the hype machine. 4 more years people, move along, nothing to see here.

  2. Clever deduction. Sounds about right too although I’d be bet that they publish a release date for earlier than that but it ends up slipping back.

    Gonna be a long wait no matter what :(

  3. As logical as your argument sounds, I think the game will come out on May 4th. That would be the geeky choice :p

  4. I guessed the same time frame, but without your logic to come to the same conclusion. I sure hope you are correct. I’m dying to play this game!

  5. What about Tython and Korriban? No mention of them. So it’s 4 planets, 3 classes as far as what’s been revealed. So 5 more classes and 8 more planets?

    I’m not quite sure on how many more planets are being released.

      1. Ah, they changed it to 2010, hehe. I would have expected them to push back the date a few months, to keep people guessing, not a whole year at a time.

  6. @Beadypotts

    Somehow, I think if it was releasing 2 months from today, we’d already have an official release date… or an open beta… or all the classes revealed… or all the planets revealed…

    That site you linked, I think, is just hoping you will give them money for you pre-order, and then forget about your order as they continually push-back their gestimate release dates every few months until 2010.

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