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ArenaNet’s Community Managers have been very busy as of late (well always, but this is business we can see).  Their two big pushes this late Spring have been with the alternative gaming communities: Twitter and Facebook.  ArenaNet has had accounts there for quite some time, but the push has been trying to make them very active.  The Community Managers are hoping for 1000 fans on Facebook (as of writing this it is at 894).

In a post on Guild Wars Guru, there was some confusion about the Guild Wars 2 concept art.  It seems that Dociu’s infamous Construction Site was actually (and officially) Guild Wars 1 concept art.  Regina Beunaobra was quick to clarify the ambiguity.  The forumgoers then started discussing the Facebook page and the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo, and the Community Managers (Regina and Martin Kerstein in near tandem) dropped some very juicy hints on the forum.

First, Facebook will be used as a platform for Guild Wars information.  Martin hinted that the information flow on Facebook might “change in the future [wink],” while Regina immediately followed up by noting that Facebook and Twitter allows them to do things they normally cannot do on the Guild Wars website.  NCSoft has been using Twitter, for instance, to have Aion beta key “flash” contests. It should be interesting to see how they intend to use both mediums.

The more interesting bit, was when forumgoers started discussing the fact the ArenaNet has [again] promised us Guild Wars 2 information in the second half of 2009, the fact that PAX is in ArenaNet’s backyard, and correlating Aion’s release with the PAX dates.  Regina took the time to note that there were some very “astute/insightful comments” in the thread.  She did not quote any, and the comment immediately prior to Regina’s was arguing that Guild Wars 2 would not appear at PAX because of Aion.  It could go either way, but it seems that the CM duo are starting something… or somethings.  The mood they emit is almost gleeful, like a child being let out to play in the sun and puddles after the rain has stopped.

As an aside, I am not really enjoying the push across many different mediums (even if they are all on the internet).  It takes enough time to get good information out of the forums and wikis, but now I feel like I also have to follow Twitter and Facebook.  Realistically the information from any of those will at the very least disseminate  to the active fan forums, but some things are missed.  As a Magic the Gathering born-again fan, the amount of “exclusives” on Twitter is kind of depressing.  It’s a Catch-22 in my mind in the realest sense.  I don’t see a choice but to follow…  I am such a gaming news junkie.

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  1. Yet, I feel different, and can glean more from Twitter for example than the forums.
    AoC has Craig on Twitter, and it is almost like having a direct link to him.
    I have had more response from Craig on Twitter over the last month than I have on the forums for the last year.
    As well, Twitter and Facebook can be linked so if Twitter is used, it instantly goes to FB.
    The fact that a CM or Dev can go on and post “Patch notes being worked on” in about 5-10 seconds…gets me the info I want NOW.

    You may wish to change your outlook is all I am saying as this stuff is here to stay and is more “in the now”.

  2. If they do indeed use it more instantly, I am all for it. My outlook, as I hinted, is irrelevant because I do feel little choice is involved.

    But, how do you link Twitter and Facebook?

  3. Um… are they seriously aiming that low with the number? 1,000 GW fans on Facebook (200M+ users)?

    What’s next? A “I bet I can find 1,000 people who like coffee?” group? “10,000 people who love sex” group?

  4. Likely it’s a benchmark so that management will allow them to use their time on the platforms. 1000 may be the activation energy they want, and hopefully from there things will pick up. That’s what I say.

  5. Think of those 1,000 people as the Guild Wars mavens. I don’t feel that one needs to hit your entire audience with every medium out there…if you did kudos to you, but the likelihood that it happens is very low. A few individuals in PR and those who are totally dedicated to one game might, but it is very, very unlikely…

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