Zubon, Behind the Curve

I have been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2 this week. This leaves me with little to talk about, unless we want to delve into specifics of maps or what classes appeal to our playstyles. Also, welcome to 2007. That’s not as bad as I thought, since I did not realize it was new when I got it as a part of the Orange Box. I have been thinking of going through the classic games that I missed, then talking about them a decade later. That might feel a bit like saying, “Have you heard about this ‘Pac-Man’? It’s a really neat, maze-based game in the classic arcade style!” But I should play through KOTOR and Planescape: Torment sometime. Yeah, I know. I’ve never played any of the Ultima games either, and only two Final Fantasies (and not even VII). So, while I am on MMO hiatus, I may be talking about some truly random stuff.

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  1. Join the club. =)

    I just finished up the first Half Life today, and will be discussing it on my blog shortly.

    I’ve actually been eying up KOTOR and some of the Ultima games are other things to discuss.

  2. Team Fortress: Relatively new and not really. Oh it’s changed a bit since 1996, but yeah, basically still the same game.

    I fired up Quake a couple of weeks ago (via Qrack) and it still feels like home. All of those old maps and the zen of straightforward Deathmatch. The new games are prettier but once you get into the nitty gritty, I still think it plays better and no other FPS (or any 3D era game really) has fully climbed back into that warm and fuzzy feeling for me.

  3. Bah, discuss away. As long as you don’t go introducing an ancient game as something new and extraordinary, what’s the harm? Lots of good insights can be gleaned from old classic games.

    Love to see what you make of Torment, KOTOR and the Final Fantasies.

    I have been playing through FF3 myself on the DS and it’s nostalgic to recognize the classic funneling techniques of “follow this route, or wander off and die horribly and reload.”

  4. Which FF games have you played, out of curiosity?
    My personal favorites are 3, 5, and 9 in the core series, however I do enjoy the whole turn-based tactical strategy branch (I don’t care, FF tactics advance was fun and A2 was pure improvement, gameplay-wise.)

    Relatedly, I just got ahold of a copy of Portal, despite all of my Half-Life/HL2 preorder and special edition stuff laying about, I never got the Orange box, as my PC was well overdue for replacement and I had no desire to play with framerate getting me killed. It is all the fun and goodness that I’ve been hearing about for so long.

  5. Portal was pretty much the best single player game I’ve played. For once, the hype is correct.

    TF2: fun, but sweet mother of god do I suck at it.

    Half-Life 2: awesome until I got to the very end of chapter 3, which I sucked far too badly to get through (I sense a theme developing).

    Planescape T: the first time I decided that my dude was hardcore chaotic evil at the outset. Some chick asked me to avenge her brother, that had been killed by a gang. Seemed reasonable. So I went to their headquarters and killed bunch of them…..and then I killed, and Killed, and KILLED. Every man woman and child I found I killed. They should not have been in a known gang hang out…it was their fault!!

    After killing the head of the gang and everyone else in a big hunk of the city I went back to the woman to see what my reward would be. She was too terrified to even speak to me (that they coded for this possibility was amazing to me). My factions were so boned that it was pretty much the end of my game (hardly anyone would speak to me), but that was fun emergent gameplay in my book.

    KoTR: I played the good path first, and went through all the side quests to help my crew become emotionally fulfilled beings. Killing many of of them to see the evil ending the second time though was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in a video game, I was very attached to them by that point.

  6. FFVII, even with dated graphics, is still a rather amazing game. The Ultima games are kinda tough, because they are SO dated, and what made them so special back then (huge world, sandbox) is more common in games now. I only ever really played Ultima V in great depth, but I remember being completely wrapped up in it.

  7. You’ll probably get very annoyed with it very quickly, but if you can stomach the ancient graphics and interface, playing through Ultima’s 4 to 7 is a joyous journey.

    There is a reason why I inwardly shout “My Liege!” every time I see Richard Garriot, no matter what unfortunate scrapes he gets into. As someone who grew up with them, Ultima (and Optimus Prime, obviously) pretty much set my moral compass.

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