The Old Republic: Space and Voice

In a recent interview, the developers over at Bioware mentioned that any good star wars mmo would have a “space experience”.

Threads on the SWTOR boards declared, “Spare confirmed!” and people there are discussing possible ship-types and asking each other whether characters should have abilities that affect their ship or whether space-combat should be fully twitch-based. Of course… those questions assume that space combat will be mainly twitch-based and that there will be combat in space to begin with.

In their single player KOTOR games, the “space experience” amounted to having all your companions stored on a space and the occasional turret-based minigame. The closest you came to piloting your ship was when you selected a destination from a menu. Is there any reason to believe this isn’t the kind of space experience the developers are talking about?

The same interview promises that every line of NPC dialog will be voice acted. This is great news, but there’s no reason to believe they will implement it differently than they did in KOTOR. In Kotor, much the dialog was spoken by species other than humans. Most of the time, this amounted to a Wookie npc speaking in the same recycled track of “rarr, Rarr, rarr” over and over with subtitles. The gibberish sounds were so familiar that when you saw a Twi’lek speak something other than Twi’lek, you sat up and said, “This quest must be important!”

Is there any reason to believe we’ll meet a Hutt in SWTOR who speaks something other than Huttese? I imagine the important NPCs are likley to speak in common, and all the rest will speak the same gibberish lines. It’s just too much of a financial investment for them to make all voice dialog unique.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for SWTOR. Like everyone else on the SWTOR boards, I can be caught day-dreaming about the possibilities of what the perfect MMO might be. But at a certain point, we have to stop asking whether it will just be “be Everquest in space”, and start asking “Will it be KOTOR with friends?”

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  1. One thing I would like to see, even if it is a little impractical, is sub-titles. Say you’re dealing with a Hutt crime lord who only speaks Huttese. Every time he talks, subtitles appear in the middle of the screen, or centered over the character, with what he is saying.

    Sure, that would be odd, and some people don’t like reading subtitles, but it would be a nice touch. It would certainly be better than everyone conventiently speaking Galactic Basic (which we know certain species can’t).

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