Race at my own pace

In Lotro I now have two max level characters. This is good. One would think this would give me more flexibility when looking to fill an open slot for the new raid. But it doesn’t.

I still don’t have the last two pieces of radiance gear I need to enter the new raid. The entire time I was leveling up my Runekeeper, I kept an eye on the global LFF channel to see if there were any groups forming for the pieces I needed. When you think of it, it’s rather ridiculous to think that it’s far easier to max out a new character than it is to get the tier-1 raiding gear. The EU servers went down tonight for the new raids, and I’m afraid that neither of my max level characters can enter the new raid.

I don’t mind the idea of doing some requirements first before getting into the new content, but those requirements shouldn’t be such a major pain to accomplish. I can’t say for sure, as I haven’t experienced the book 8 raid, but I doubt that every boss in there is tougher than the hard-mode challenge faced at the end of Dark Delving or 16th Hall. If only I had obtained my radiance gear before they fixed the exploits like everyone else!

I’m not alone, of course. All my friends who came over from Star Wars Galaxies don’t have the necessary armor either. We came much too late for the Rift, and just a little too late to get the gear we needed to see the Watcher and Book 8. If they were all 60, we could probably make our way through the radiance gear instances without exploiting them. They’re great players, and we conquered the SWG content together.

I’m now faced with a choice. Either I can try to catch up with the new content or I can wait for my friends to catch up with me.

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Suzina is a 27 year old who usally plays the same MMOs as her husband. Games played: UO, EQ2, FFXI, SWG, LOTRO.

6 thoughts on “Race at my own pace”

  1. Two comments:

    1. I think it blows pretty bad that radiance gear has been added as a “gear check” to current LoTRO. That is not what I sogned up for. In olden (SoA) days, we could gear up doing whatever we found fun; whether crafting, PvP, repeatable 6 mans, or high end book quests; and end up with gear enough to do quite well in the final raid (Rift). Not remotely true now. Hope you like hard mode three mode 6 mans and 3 mans.

    2. Wait for your friends. While you are waiting on your friends, max out your virtues. You will be surprised how much they help if you really get anal about them. It’s like alternative jewelry slots.

  2. ditto. wait for yr friends, max out yr virtues, improve yr jewellery if its not already instance and rep jewellery.

    yr observation is really valid tho, and maps onto my own experience: those ppl who were able to do MoM before Bk7 have full rad gear; those who didn’t are still all missing one or two pieces.

    on my server it’s really noticeable: those raiding kins that were doing the Watcher in december have many ppl in full rad gear; those kins – even really large ones – that weren’t able to get to the Watcher before Bk7 hit *still* haven’t got to the Watcher.

    and the point about the gear check is also valid: rad gear, even if yr not doing the Watcher, is so much better than non-rad gear (+10% hp [not certain about that number, haven’t got full rad myself], no dread on dying) that if you have rad gear, you wear it.

    altho the decision to put radiance on armour in MoM seemed like such a good idea at the time, in hindsight, it’s apparent that it was a really big mistake: it single-handedly gated the end-game *and* killed crafting.

  3. ‘far easier to max out a new character than it is to get the tier-1 raiding gear.’

    Good point…leveled 3 guys to 60 and had a lot more fun along the way than I did torturing myself trying to even partially radgear them. Maybe time-wise it might have taken longer (dunno), but it sure was easier on my nerves. And some folks have like 5-6 toons at cap, yikes…

    Hope you work things out so you can play at the same level w/your friends.

  4. Okay, I will drop a post to a new topic too :)

    I was taking a 4 months break last year and when I came back I’ve had to realize that my small kinship broke up.. We were a really small kin with a few members back then, but we were always there for each other, and I’m not talking about gaming now. We knew each other from the game and some drunk facebook pics, but the atmosphere was so much filled with fun and care and friendship that its hard to compare to anything.

    I’ve played Eternal Lands, a windowed mmo with a tiny community, WoW lasted 6 hours on my HDD, Lineage was boring as hell, but I admire Tolkien’s work and really felt the real meaning for his philosophy within this kin.

    Of course we never made it to the Rift, Helegrod – HAHH! – but we did some unforgettable URU and CD runs.

    I say: not just wait for your friends, but lend them a hand and have fun while doing this. And if they aren’t on, well, make some new friends, it can never hurt :)



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