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I have given my thoughts on Twitter, and my fervor is beginning to erode.  I even camped out a name.  No, I didn’t get Ravious.  Some impostor has squatted on my namesake.  I did get my “real” name though, which depends on who you ask: my mom or Magneto.  Recently, an add-on for World of Warcraft was made that allows people to tweet in-game.  This (and the fact that nearby taco trucks tweet location) brings me from doubtful to enlightened in my view of the micro-blogging application.

I like signing on and checking my guild page to see where people are adventuring.  That small amount of information can be helpful, but rarely has it helped me group up with guildmates.  Most of the time I have grouped up in guild chat where pertinent information can be exchanged.  Sure, it helps to know that they are in the Lonelands, but they might just be passing through.

A simple tweet could change that if it is used as some active status report.  I always feel guilty when a guildmate expends will and energy to let his band of brothers and sisters know that he will be farming trolls for the next hour.  Would any of us like to join him?  Now, instead of guilt-tripping some hobbit healer to be turned into troll foot-jelly, the guild member can just update his playstyle on Twitter.  It’s brilliant!  Sign on and scroll through meaningful information immediately.  Hey, you say, Bobthefarmer is working on Yak rep, I will join him.  It becomes your choice rather than a reaction to a plea for help.

Stupid Turbine’s add-on policy.

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  1. LotRO doesn’t have any add-ons? Didn’t know that. I’m gonna check out the WoW Twitter add-on. It certainly looks better than the Champions Online integration.

  2. So I’ve recently tried out Twitter, I can see the addictiveness behind it. I’m following some MMO websites and the real time posting is appealing as I can get the information faster. Haven’t tried out anything like TweetCraft but may have to. Just to see how and if I like it in an MMO atmosphere.

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