Nod of Camaraderie

I saw from afar a fellow student battling the undead, re-risen, or newly awakened crocodile warriors in the tombs beneath the Krokosphinx.  I was not quite sure what they were.  The genus of the creature was lost on me during lectures.  All I knew was that they turned to sand when I threw lighting at their faces.  A newt-looking Mander had asked me to defeat a few more of the Kroks, and my classmate was trying to defeat the same Kroks.  I scampered up to his battle circle, re-tooling my spell deck on the fly.  He turned  his head toward me with a grim nod.  More of the enemy would soon be joining us.

After the protracted battle involving the summoning of all manner of magical creatures, the Kroks dissolved to sand, filling the rocky cracks in the floor.  There were a few small pieces of fulgurite from all the lightning strikes I inflicted, but I pretended not to notice for the life wizard’s sake.  That was it.  The briefest of glances, the quickest of handshakes, and a tactical retreat in to the shadows of sidewalks ended our grouping.  I may meet up with him again for another painless transaction.  I can only hope the other world’s I walk will soon have means for the transient gathering requiring merely the nod of camaraderie.

in the end it became a triumphal march

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  1. I like it and I don’t. Numerous times have I been close to failure and hoping to just squeak out a victory when another wizard decides to “help” me which in turn brings another enemy into the circle and finally results in that failure I had hoped to avoid.

  2. I’ve never had that happen to me; however, I do think that if the wizard’s win then no wizard should lose (go back to commons with 1 health).

  3. I’ve experienced what Ethic mentions many times. I realize that someone is just jumping in to help me out, but by joining they’ve actually doomed “me” to failure while they may still win.

  4. The “just jump in” mechanism was about the only thing Mrs Bhagpuss and I hated about Wizard 101. I can’t think of one single time it was anything but irritating.

    What Ethic described happened often enough that if someone joined me in that situation I would /quit out to save time. What happened much more often was that a fight that was going fine and that would have lasted maybe another minute or two was extended for what seemed like forever by new people joining and bringing adds.

    It’s particularly galling when you are taking great care only to pull the specific mobs you need for a quest and someone piles in bringing the exact mob you just spent a great deal of tactical sffort to avoid.

    Since the interminable length of fights is the main downside of W101, the very last thing the game needs is a mechanism whereby passing strangers can double or treble it. I’d much prefer the option to Lock your combat once begun.

  5. I have to say, I have not experienced this to any degree of negativity. Mere inconvenience, sometimes. Interesting how this one mechanic can have such a wildly different end. I still hold to my suggestion, though, but I wonder if that could create some exploitations elsewhere in the system.

  6. You reminded me of another thing that happened. I was close to the end of a battle and not real strong at this point and someone jumped in, bringing another baddie into the battle and then they ran away leaving me to fight both.

  7. As a Life wizard, one of my primary considerations when I jump into another’s battle is to ensure we *both* walk away from the fight. That being said I usually avoid other people’s fights unless I see they need a healer.

  8. So what you are all telling me, is I am a bad player for jumping in to battles with savage glee thinking this is the cultural way to play. I guess the polite (slow) thing to do is chat with those in battle while standing on the sidelines. Live and learn.

  9. I actually do just that. I stand nearby and observe the status. Usually the wizard in battle will simply say “yes”, “no” or “help” and that lets me know what they want me to do.

    That said, this is how they designed the game so you are playing as intended.

    When I am playing my Life wizard it is not the same, I want people to join as healing them is the main point of enjoyment for him.

  10. Sounds like W101 is a great game for griefing little kids. I’m signing up for an account right now! >:}

  11. I don’t know I feel kinda the opposite of most posters. I learned I can’t try to maximize my efficiency and try to just go with the flow. It’s really a different kind of game almost. At the beginning I was getting annoyed at people that jumped in, but then I came to the conclusion I was playing the game “wrong”. that the ease of jumping in was the point, and the other players were playing it as designed.

    Now I just cruise around doing quests, sure sometimes I have to kill extra during long fights. Other times those long fights help me finish off a quest before I could have done it otherwise. I think there was a “letting go” process I went through that allowed me to enjoy it more.

    However that doesn’t mean I jump in when others are fighting. Because I feel rude :) So… yeah it’s weird. But if I need to fight and I see someone else that just started I will, since my “main” is balance/life he goes best with others.

  12. Adds that you bring into a fight usually tend to target you (not always, but much more than %50 of the time). If someone joins your fight ignore the guys that they bring with them until you get your guys down. Works more often than not in my experience.

    I personally don’t jump into random fights unless I’m invited. However I don’t really mind when players jump into my fights. If I have such a low safety margin in a non-boss fight that a player jumping in can screw me, it’s time to fiddle with my deck. It’s one of the core game mechanics, after all. I fully expect it to happen.

  13. This mechanic is actually one of the things I really like about the game. Sure there’s room for improvement and it can be a little irritating but the number of times I’ve accidentally jumped/been jumped in/on has made for some fairly amusing duels.

    Just last night I was playing around solo and ended up with a little crew for the boss duels in Firecat Alley. It’s all solo-able content at lvl 10+ but fun with a little informal group. There was no chat beyond commentary like “wow”, “too easy”, “hah!” and the likes.

    I think an option to “lock out” your dueling area wouldn’t work in many cases, as they seem to be preset for the area you’re in. I.E. if you aggro a mob and there’s a few other people nearby all with their areas locked out you’d have run a pretty good distance to start the duel.

    I’ve burned myself out in Eve and LotRO so perhaps my love for W101 comes from the simplicity of it all. I’ve no concept of what gear I “should” be wearing, if the cards I have are all I’m limited to (it seems like it) or what to really do with all the crafting mats I’ve gathered…and the game still feels 100% playable, if not too easy at times.

  14. Personally I enjoy this mechanic for the most part, though I have had my share of problems with it. There are always going to be issues with this sort of thing, basically in Wizard 101 they chose to embrace a more community-based combat mechanic to avoid the kind of kill stealing you might otherwise find – of course it brings new problems along. Still, I’ve had mostly positive encounters with the system. I especially like that you can send out a yell for help to your friends and they can instantly teleport into your combat to help you out – now that’s cool!

  15. At low levels it got me killed more than once. But now with a little experience under my belt I don’t mind. Its also a faster way to finish those quests where you have to kill 3 or more of the same creature. It takes less time overall since you get credit for the group kills. The thing I don’t like is the people that call for help then quit out when you join.

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